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Agenda 21? Neil Bush, Chmn. of "Points of Light" (Geo. W's brother) to Speak at Community Partnership Movement ...

in Aneheim, CA on May 1-2, 2013 at a Business 4 Better (B4B) Expo that is promoting the idea that "A whole new way of doing business is emerging and now is the time to for businesses to rethink social responsibility programs and take action through real community engagement. (B4B) will bring together midsized business, large corporations and nonprofits to truly define mutually beneficial partnerships. The B4B conference, expo and movement encourages a unique level of engagement that will inspire businesses to action, connect them with like-minded nonprofit organizations and create better-than-ever partnerships that are redefining social purpose and transforming business impact on societal causes..." http://www.business4better.org/?cid=gglcsr&gclid=CJ3j7OS2v7Y...

According to an editorial by Publisher's Weekly about the book entitled "Silverado: Neil Bush and the Savings & Loan Scandal" they write that... "...In a complicated tale of greed and irresponsibility, Wilmsen steers the reader through Silverado's shady dealings, focusing on a handful of deceitful key players who gutted the institution. While highlighting Neil Bush's unrestrained drive for wealth, position and social status, the author endorses the notion that "ethically myopic" Bush believed he had done no wrong. The book apportions a good deal of blame to the accounting firm Coopers & Lybrand, which ignored clear signs that the thrift was near insolvency to report that it was in excellent financial health. The federal government has now settled its suit against Silverado, including ex-director Bush." http://www.amazon.com/Silverado-Neil-Bush-Savings-Scandal/dp...

Okay, so now that he is the Chairman of "Points of Light" he gets to show people how to "Make a difference. Have an Impact"? Sure sounds fishy. I have a feeling that this is an Agenda 21 Expo now coming to Anaheim, CA. in May, folks. It's spreading fast!

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Those thousand points of

Those thousand points of light are the thousand Illuminati rulers.