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when war hawks become human rights advocates

So I found this website on a link on just Ventura's facebook page and came across this article. It's mainly about this woman named Susanne Nossel, a Former state department official. After her stent as a state dept official she went on to hold a few different head positions in charge of humanitarian organizations. It is a really good article and sheds a little bit of a different light on the most recent wars and the interventionist foreign policies our gov't has been flaunting.


"Is this the résumé of a human rights advocate in the United States? Are human rights organizations supposed to further the agenda of the state rather than defend its victims? Are the ideas of “humanitarian interventionists” compatible with human rights? Are writers and artists no longer concerned with the plight of all dissidents, freedom of expression and the excesses of state power? Are we nothing more than puppets of the elite? Aren’t we supposed to be in perpetual, voluntary alienation from all forms of power? Isn’t power, from a human rights perspective, the problem?"

This paragraph is so dead on and is such a powerful statement to me. I'd argue that this woman and her career has been one of the architects of the never ending gears of the military industrial complex, and the "intervention in us interests" problem.

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