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A "Perfect Storm" for a new "Pearl Harbor"

1)Nearly one-half of the US supercarrier fleet docked in one port at Norfolk, Virgina
2)About one-third of US combat aircraft grounded,"sitting ducks" on runways and hangers
3)US military troop deployments within range of Iranian mobile missiles
(as of 2011)
a. Afghanistan - 109,200
b. Iraq - 92,200
c. Turkey - 1,491
4)US military combat troop deployments within range of North Korea mobile missiles
a. Japan - 32,222
b. South Korea - 28,500

TOTAL 263,613
5)US military combat troops located in US

In other words, 1/6 of US combat troops could be GONE immediately after a "First Strike"

THIS JUST IN, CNN reports North Korea preparing "multiple missile launches". If this is true, THIS IS NOT A TEST.

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a New Pearl Harbor Agenda 21 maybe wasn't 9/11 but this!

or maybe this is all fluffed up to scare citizenry into learned helplessness for some fraud or another to be shoved down our throat.

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