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The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword - To Arms!

So the saying goes...the pen can indeed be mightier than the sword.

How many are 100% sure that Sandy Hook was a false flag operation? Sandy Hook is the catalyst on which this entire gun control debacle is based.

The corporate media which is selling the lie, has labeled anyone arguing the validity with unfavorable appellations. The sociological effect of the media's emotionally charged name calling has essentially made questioning the facts around the event taboo.

I say don't let it go. Stand our ground. There is might in right. I say be vocal. It is fairly easy to compile the direct evidence into an easily presentable compilation.

Here in my area, I intend to arrange for contact with my children's school teachers, the local police and sheriff, and lawmakers by phone or mail. I will concisely present to them the evidence that our own government staged the Sandy Hook event.

So far, everyone I've sat down and shown the evidence to has agreed that it looks staged. Really, it is hard for anyone to reasonably argue the facts about it. So, I am sounding the alarm far and wide, to all ears that can hear.

The fact is, Sandy Hook was but one of many false flag operations. People need to know this in order to take the power of the lying media away from those responsible for these maniacally heinous government "operations".

Lets have these public officials receive as much information from the people who realize the deception, as from those perpetrating it. And again, I've found the best way to awaken anyone to the realization, is to come at it as if you are concerned about some things you've seen and want their opinion, then show them what you've seen. That works much better than frantically claiming Sandy Hook was a hoax and making it all to easy for someone to put up a wall and rely on their media teachings.

I say don't fall into arguing the validity of the 2nd amendment, but instead put the energy into exposing the false flag event that precipitated the argument in the first place.

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