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What does the NWO Game Board look like?

I've been reading bits and pieces of the game here on DP. These are only parts of the whole. Mostly Reactions. Unless we know what the NWO Board Game looks like, we'll continue to be stuck in the same place. Only able to React instead of Act.

RP was our game piece during the elections. We are without a major game piece at the moment.

The Game Board is 3D, not 2D. Major Players are active on the board 24/7. The NWO game was started decades ago and many major players presently hold oligopolies.

USA Politicians are players, but not on the same status level as an Oligopoly.

Banks are players.
The World Bank is a major global player.
UN is a major player.
Monsanto is a major global player.
The Stock Exchanges of different countries are major players.

The status/strength of players, major players and major global players is dependent. The competition is fierce.

Ask, "What are they playing for?"

Stand back. Try to see what the NWO Game Board looks like as a whole.

This little write up is only a memo.

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Choose not to play the game. Live as simple as possible.

People can be pushed only so far before it all falls apart, as in the French, Russian, American revolutions. They will not succeed in their desire to be kings of a global empire. It is all kind of civilized for now, but it can turn ugly fast. We are tired of these immature tyrants with their corrupt appetites for power and control.

Who cares

We could argue over whats next all day, only action will solve these problems. I think the majority here know who these people are and their intentions; so its time to say fight back. I think the best way is through GRASS ROOTS, and reforming our monetary policy's. That's their only weapon, control of fiat currency of nations.

What is your game plan to fight back?

Grass Roots is a good strategy and requires leaders to direct its movements. As for reforming the monetary policies, do you have an idea how this could be done?

Through Education or simply people Gotta Get Involved

In Provincial (or State if your in America) governments, local governments, and hell if you can get in federal governments. I do believe that route is slow and will take time. However I do see a change could happen say overnight once the majority of the population reaches critical mass and awakens to whats going on. That wont happen till shtf though.

To all you suckers: it's not a game

Also, shame on anyone who dehumanizes Ron Paul by calling him a "game piece."

There are no "players," of course, when the smell of genocide is in the air. Everyone, stop being childish.

I disagree, I do believe it is a game

and it is being played out. How you choose to play and at what skill level is up to you. Ignoring it exists does not make it disappear.

Buy or not buy GMO food, use Bitcoin or Fiat, vote for Politicians, drink fluoride or spring, home-school or public, Salary-man or Entrepreneur.

Using the term Game Board simplifies what's happening with and around us, or simply an analogy to give a mental picture.

if the board is multi tiered

and using the age old symbol of the pyramid with different levels. From a lower level, each individual State. One can break it down further to the counties to find where we stand as individuals.

In my State, Louisiana, the top "named" political player is Governor Jindal. At the moment his game piece is Louisiana. Without this game piece he doesn't appear to be much, though he has been vying for a different level/status/stronger game piece for sometime.

Other strong players in Louisiana are the Oligopolies. Oil, Gas, Movie Makers, Agriculture, Pharma, Prisons, Seafood, Fast Foods, Garbage Pickup, Internet, Electricity, and a bunch more.

I think if we can picture and come to understand the interactions within our own States, we'll be in a better position to understand how the game is played. Everyone and Everything is part of the game.

What made RP a valued game piece was his ability to see ahead.

Note: Lie, Cheat, Steal is within the Guideline Rules of the Game.

Abe Foxman

Abe Foxman got your tongue?

Looks pretty much like monopoly. Only the Jews are the banker. And the war mongers etc.

Buy the way. There is no political(RP) solution against those who control the issuing of money and all the media.

Luke 3:38
Isaiah 43:3-5


LOL...(had to do a search on that Foxman dude to understand)