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Rand Paul: The Liberty Movement's Gateway Drug?

So I know that not all of us are as happy with Rand as we are with Ron. At least I'm not. I'm still licking my wounds from his Romney endorsement. But I had a conversation yesterday that gave me a larger perspective on Rand.

For the last 6 months I've been talking off and on with this older gentleman who was a Neocon through and through. He's one of those Glen Beck people. You know the type. Well anyway, I ran into this guy yesterday after having not seen him for over a month. He starts off the conversation excitedly with the statement, "I'm becoming a Libertarian more and more every day!" He then said that he's starting to believe that neither party care's about him or anyone else in the country for that matter. I was surprised to hear this and naturally asked him why the change in philosophy. He then went on to speak glowingly about how much he loves Rand Paul. He kept on saying over and over again how Rand Paul just really "gets it" and is fighting for the people and not the heavily funded special interest groups.

As you may expect, I was very happy to hear this. I started to tell him that I had just watched Ron Paul speak in person at Oberlin College and he immediately said something to the effect of "I like Ron on most things but I still don't like his foreign policy." I then asked him what it was that he disagreed with and he basically stated that "yes, we need to cut back on our military presence around the world but that we can't become total isolationists and leave a number all of these countries to their own devices as they may try to attack us some day." I didn't have time to start that whole debate up at the time so I didn't try.

Needless to say, I am still surprised at how much this guy has learned from Rand Paul and how open he has become to the Liberty movement. Who know's, with a little more time and healthy discussion, he may even start to change his foreign policy tune and become a 100% Liberty minded individual.

That all being said, I am beginning to believe that Rand's strategy, although different from Ron's and not what I want, is having some very positive influence in the Republican base. The dismal failure of the Republicans in this last election has forced a lot of Neocon's to do some serious soul searching. That's a great opportunity for us and Rand's softer serve may be able to infiltrate and educate better than us hard liners. =)

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Larkin Rose rip off?

He called "Ron Paul a gateway drug to true liberty." I don't know if you had heard that and watered it down, but that is what Rand feels like to me. The watered down version of the gateway drug to true liberty. I'll grant you he is probably the best politician the liberty movement has going for them. That looks to me like hard evidence that we need to be putting more effort into other solutions.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

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Your story makes me hopeful!

Some may never get the "holistic" libertarian approach, a perfect philosphy that applies in all situations, but each step in the right direction counts. Beck may move a large number of people to the right path. Trouble is, he could move them off again, if these aren't the free thinking types. Rand, I hope, we can trust to keep converting neocons into "beginner" libertarians. Libertarians with training wheels. Rand's figured out the formula.
It's exciting to see these ideas being discussed in the mainstream. I must admit I feel a little smug. I wouldn't say "I told you so" to anyone, but we can be proud to be fast learners.

If your kids smoke Ron Paul just one time....

they could be hooked, and sooner than you know it they will be shooting up Rothbard.

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"The State is a gang of thieves writ large." - Murray Rothbard

Yeah no kidding.

My life is forever changed after becoming a political junkie.

One time I drove 1200 miles each way to get my Ron Paul fix. My apartment is filled with libertarian paraphernalia. At first my friends and family at first didn't recognize the person I have become, but as an enabler and information dealer, many of them now too waste hours and days getting high on the message of liberty.

Rand often says...

...that the Republican Party is gonna be a different party in two years than it is today.

One way or another.

It will either hold to its failed course and be in a full state of decay, or it will have embraced liberty and have new life pumped into it.

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Gateway drug

Excellent analogy.

Drugs alter people's thought patterns and that's what needs to happen.

Yeah, I was really encouraged by the conversation.

The fact that someone who was so closed off to the ideas of liberty now is openly interested in and hungry for them is great in my opinion.

Rand's actions have broken the illusion of the two party system for this guy and the significance of that can not be understated.