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RAND- here's what you need to say about the civil rights act

Regarding the right of businesses to serve who they choose:

Why would you want to patronize a business that was racist? Personally, I would rather know so I could avoid, protest, or give bad yelp reviews to that business. People should be able to express their opinions and pay the consequences. It’s better to get it out in the open than sweep it under the rug. Maybe we’d get somewhere with race relations in this country.
It isn’t government’s job to force us to interact, that’s society's job. We can make more positive change through public pressure. Regulations only create resentment and hide the ugly truth, it doesn’t cure it.

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Is a house/apartment zoned commercial?

If a person pays taxes for roads that businesses rely on

then a private business doesn't have a right to discriminate based on race.

If your house or apartment is situated on a public road,

do you give up the right to decide who is allowed on your property?