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How to buy drugs on the Silk Road

Tor Browser:
Silk Road:
silkroadvb5piz3r .onion
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i believe there is a lot of misinfo in that video

hopefully one of our resident btc experts can clarify.

as far as i know no one has ever been busted buying or selling drugs via silk road because of btc. there was a case a while back involving a large drug ring (xtc i think) that was busted irl which then lead the authority's to discover they were using silk road.

maybe in the future they can use statistical analysis to try and connect people with their multiple address but in the future weed will be legal and no one will care.

if you are planning to run for president someday then you may not want to use btc.

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You misunderstand the game...

Why would the CIA cutoff access to both personal enrichment and agency funding by busting drug buyers? Why would the CIA disrupt the bitcoin system when it can be used by them to make money?

Great Britain ran the global drug trade for centuries and used it to control entire nations and trading networks. The United States inherited that drug trade as Great Britain collapsed financially due to the weight of the empire at the turn of the 20th century.

US court records are overflowing with DEA agents getting to the top of foreign and domestic drug operations only to find the CIA running the show.

Local law enforcement runs and controls the drug trade in every city and town in the United States (I know this as fact from direct observation :p ). Cops love to do drugs just like anybody else. And they do them. And they get kickbacks for giving heads up to their favorite regional distributors and more local dealers. And they use the drugs to ply sexual favors from young girls.

The Govt doesn't want drugs illegal so they can save our children from the scourge of drugs. Drugs being illegal gives them vast power and a continuing source of wealth and political control. Cocaine and hookers and cameras control Congress. The controllers have control of the drugs which automatically gives them control of the hookers.

~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

i've understood the game since the 90's my friend

ever since i read the elkhorn manifesto aka shadow of the swastika via Gatewood Galbraith. i also read a great story on the subject back then by michael ruppert about the POP where he talked about cia drug money laundering and how legalized drugs would crash the stock market. Barbara Trents The Panama Deception was another eye opener back in the day. then you have the barry seal story and Gary Webb's series dark alliance etc etc.

(The Elkhorn Manifesto)
The Real Reason the Government Won't Debate
Medical Cannabis and Industrial Hemp Re-legalization

An Open Letter to All Americans
By R. William Davis

Documented Evidence of a Secret Business and Political Alliance
Between the U.S. "Establishment" and the Nazis -
Before, During and After World War II - up to the Present.

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for the hookup to the Elkhorn Manifesto. That one is new to me. :)

Here is a long interview with Catherine Austin Fitts where she also discusses that the removal of laundered drug money would crash the US economic system. I consider the interview perhaps the #1 most important video that people can watch to understand what is really going on with the economy. She also talks about the computerized system she developed that would allow local investors to hookup with local business ventures and how the federal govt came in and shut her down:

Catherine Austin Fitts: The Looting Of America

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Michael Nystrom's picture

Word. History repeats

In the 1990's it was crack cocaine

Your perspective puts a new spin on what they're doing to control the interent crowd. This brings it a step beyond electronic pacification... Food for thought. For some reason it brings to mind 'A Scanner Darkly' and Alex Jones's cameo appearance:


If you haven't seen it, that is one trip of a movie.

He's the man.

I remember...

back in the early 80's coming home from classes in college and turning on the television to see a large town meeting of black folk in Los Angeles all irate about the CIA teaching locals how to make crack cocaine and hooking them up with the supplies and coke. I laughed at them along with the conservative commentators.

Several years later I learnt that it was true. Joke was on me (and all of us).

I've meant to watch A Scanner Darkly for several years now but always got sidetracked. I'll carve out some time for it... :)

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You forgot to drop the mic ..

Say that last line, drop it and walk off ...

I think..

i'm missing a reference. Help please.

UPDATE: I googled it. hehe ;)


~wobbles but doesn't fall down~

Michael Nystrom's picture

Clarification is welcome

I'd be interested to hear what parts are misinformation. I knew from a long time ago that the whole chain of every transaction is stored. And with computing power, it should be easy enough to trace.

The wrinkle is when you introduce Tor. Tor is supposed to be anonymous, but it has to be traceable. Some people even say that is a CIA honeypot.

Agreed that your chances of getting busted are probably pretty slim. But you never know when they'll want to make an example out of someone.

He's the man.


I have always been curious about that website but would never risk it myself.

Basically the only way they can bust you is if they intercept it, by getting a warrant, then doing a "controlled delivery". Even then you have to open the package to get charged. Otherwise you can claim you didn't know.

Great Post! Bump

as long as

you only order like an oz of weed or less they ain't gonna do sh1t because they don't have the resources. your package will get thrown away and you will get a refund from most vendors.

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Thanks for the info.

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thanks for the bump

no pun intended

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