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Q4 Funding Total Updates

Q4 total updated

$72,310.61 - 1pm
$102,228.28 - 9pm

please update this thread if you notice the number update again.. right now it's looking like 8 hours between updates... uhg... booooring

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Watching the quill and barometer fill up was inspiring and such positive reinforcement. Hopefully campaign headquarters will do the equivalent soon, and 12 MILLION+ is realistic. Imagine a million Ron Paul voters sending a $25+ donation. This can happen if we all work with our laptops and start "talking" to all our relatives, neighbors, and co-workers. Invest a half-hour a day reaching out to our contacts , the result will be priceless - Ron Paul President 2008.
All of us who actively support Dr. Paul's campaign should make every effort to contact those we know to live in the early primary states and get them to vote Dr. Paul. Send them a Ron Paul DVD even. And hopefully they also will send a donation before Dec.31.
Ron Paul needs finances and votes - let's give him both.


Also... by my records, we

Also... by my records, we started the day at approximately $58,616

I was collecting and graphing all this data... and some other stuff... but at about 4am they turned off the stats... it's really been a downer... the realtime info had me more excited than ever before... I had such big plans to make the data really exciting to stat geeks like me... oh well... If anyone is in contact with whom ever made that decision... could you tell them that they made me cry? thanks.

More Ron Paul stats than you can shake a stick at!

You, Sir, Are my Rock!

You, Sir, Are my Rock!

More Ron Paul stats than you can shake a stick at!

Just a rock on a Mountain

Just a rock on a Mountain that we are all gonna climb and conquer... Give a scream when the latest graph is done..

140k per day

I hope they add that soon. They need 140k per day to make 4 mil this month.


The campaign will add the ticker of names

That is what they told me when I called yesterday.

They Will Come

I think that many people are recovering their finances from the big push at the end of last month (at least I know I am). I am planning on giving more after I get another paycheck or two under my belt. I'm sure it will pick up within the next couple weeks.

The interesting thing about Ron Paul's support isn't just in the numbers. It is in the people who are giving. They are scrimping and saving the little they have after the government steals from them and giving all they can to the campaign. They are not the rich supporters that other candidates have but they are more genuine and what they are doing and sacrificing is very meaningful to them. That is where the LOVE comes in to the Revolution!


need auto updater NOW! They will not make their goals without it.

Who is John Galt? Vote ███ ███ 2012!

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We need the immediate motivation. It turns it into a game for us, plus I swear humans are close kin to lemmings and so it is easier to convince new people to donate if they watch for a minutes and don't see the same name twice... :)

I convinced a 4 myself this last go around and that helped.

The Philosophy Of Liberty -

You got that right

You got that right.... its a FEEDBACK information loop.... that gives exponential growth to the revolution and the RP campaign.

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