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The Quran, 9/11 and Gun Control: A Parody

All of us witnessed the horrors of 9/11. Islamic Extremists commandeered aircraft and flew them into the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and brave Americans forced one to crash in the fields of Western Pennsylvania. Because of this tragic loss of life, and to ensure that we remain safe, we must do something.

What all of these mad men had in common was their Islamic religion; the teachings of the Quran. Though the freedom to worship as you see fit is protected by the 1st Amendment we cannot sit by and risk this happening again.

It is with the innocent victims in mind that I propose this legislation – we must regulate and control who has access to the Quran to ensure we never face another “9/11”.

I realize that the 1st Amendment is pretty clear on this – “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” but in these times of crisis we must do something. While we cannot keep people from practicing their religion, some commonsense limitations for the greater good must be implemented. Besides, there are numerous other approved religions you could practice, such as Christianity, Judaism or Buddhism.

First, we must restrict the sale of the Quran to adults over 18 who have passed a universal background check using the National Instant Criminal Background Check System maintained by the FBI. If you have been cleared you may purchase a Quran to possess in your own home. If the government feels that you may represent a danger you may have this revoked, and your Quran will be confiscated by the authorities. You may not take your Quran from your home unless you are going to an approved house of worship or an approved and licensed book repair or restoration service. You may not stop anywhere to or from either of these places, and must return home immediately with it after worship or the repair has been completed.

If you wish to carry the Quran in your pocket, purse, briefcase or car you must obtain a License to Carry Quran permit from your local sheriff. Bear in mind that this does not allow you to carry your Quran anywhere; certain vulnerable locations such as schools or government buildings will be designated “Quran Free Zones” and to possess a Quran in these areas is a felony. The exception would be law enforcement or government officials licensed to carry Qurans in these locations.

You may not privately sell your Quran, or take it to an unauthorized seller to be sold on your behalf (such as flea markets, book fairs or consignment shops). Any transfer of a Quran must be registered with the government to ensure no Quran falls into the wrong hands.
What are the “wrong hands”? First of all, anyone who has ever been convicted of a felony. Also anyone who has a history of mental illness – we cannot risk unstable people to possess the responsibility of owning a Quran.

I hope you see that these small measures don’t violate the 1st Amendment; with proper licensing and approval you may still worship Islam. If you feel this is too much regulation to deal with, you are free to choose any of the other approved religions to worship.
Again, by taking these small steps that must be done we will certainly save lives. And who could argue with that?

Of course, this is parody; I would never advocate such an absurd, demeaning and overarching policy to be implemented by our government. Yet the logic is the same as what is being done with your 2nd Amendment rights.

The natural right – one granted by your Creator or part of the human condition – cannot be regulated, made illegal or controlled by any legitimate government. Natural rights predate and supersede government and thus cannot be granted or taken away. The natural rights of self-defense and self-governance were recognized by the Constitution’s Framers and Ratifiers as so integral that it’s ratification by the States would only occur after an agreed upon Bill of Rights would be guaranteed to become the first 10 Amendments.
We cannot pick and choose which parts of the Constitution we feel are immovable and which can be legislated – the Constitution and its Amendments can only be modified through the Amendment Process, requiring approval of ¾ of the States.

We are either a country of law or we are not. Either we follow the Constitution in its entirety and clear meaning or no part of it is not subject to legislation. So many of our rights have been legislated away or taken through the courts we cannot allow attacks on natural rights to continue. Write your Congressman, write your Senator. If they support this attack, vote them out of office. Become an activist – help organize rallies and end up on the news. Get the word out – there are many of us that still believe in the natural rights that must be protected by the Constitution.

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Very good!

Keep it up.

Nothing Wrong With This Post

Good ones often times get lost in the mix. Keep posting.


Top DP Original!

Excellent post. You have script writing skills crietman. It's a great case and point on the absurdity of regulation, obstruction of constitutional principles, and audacity of limiting another individual who has not committed a crime under Common Law.

You have a few beauty one-liners in there.

Please don't be shy in submitting this to several 'letters to the editor' columns.

Would love to see this as a short segment of a public access television show with the satirical delivery; people would soak it up and totally agree.

I have a local public access television show in Victoria, BC, Canada called FreedomFreeForAll dot com.

Use your delivery skills to get this content out to people via the tv.




Watch this dry yet astonishing Dr. Robert Beck cancer treatment lecture on Google Video - search "Suppressed Medical Discovery" -

I agree with your understanding of Natural Rights

I also agree that we cannot simply pick and choose what we legislate away.

However, I see your final call for action of rallies and contacting senators as a repeat of the very actions that have made no tangible gains to date. Many have rallied, protested, voted, generated large organizations that run for and obtain elected positions. None of these activities have secured lawful government and have done nothing but furthered the destruction of our rights.

If we realize how our natural rights are non-negotiable and we realize that there are deeper laws, the Common Law, that govern man as opposed to legislative code regulating citizens then we can begin to see why our confusion of law is really the source of the tyranny being inflicted upon us. Code has no application to men and women at all and when we realize that the source of code being applied to the people is actually criminal fraud then we can begin to see a tangible and quantifiable path to restoration of law.

Rallies, protests, and politics is NOT the proper venue for dealing with criminals. Criminals need to be brought to justice before a jury no matter who they are. If we are each knowledgeable of the procedures of common law for bringing justice to criminals then we can see THE pathway for tangibly and quantifiably restoring the rule of law.

When an armed man interferes with our path of travel and proceeds to use threats fear and intimidation to force us into contract this is felony extortion. When men/women claiming to be the "STATE" or "Courts" operate under the presumption that you are legally established commercial entity subject to legislative regulatory code these men and women are committing criminal fraud another felony.

When we understand what is actually happening with the confusion of the legal PERSON then we can begin to see the criminal fraud, extortion, Breach of Duty, Breach of Peace in all of its criminal manifestations. We can then understand where and when we have been unknowingly consenting to the removal of our own rights and remove that consent. We can also then see and document the mens rea of the men and women committing the crimes against us and gain confirmation from their own words expressing the desire to "control" another.

Once we realize the on-going criminal activity being committed against us then we can begin criminal investigations one by one against the men and women committing the crimes against us and we can bring to proper justice before a jury knowledgeable in law. The quantifiable victory becomes when criminal bureaucrats are spending the rest of their lives in prison for their criminal fraud and extortion and all other bureaucrats self modify their own behavior to be in line with common law and the regulations and prohibitions of their capacity as Citizen. Rallies and protests just have some media exposure showing people pissed off and usually has no quantifiable gain towards restoration of liberty. Justice for criminals has a definite yes or no victory. A quantifiable increase justice being sought successfully has a mass effect of letting the bureaucrats see the American Giant awakening from its slumber with a vengeance for justice and has the effect of them seeing that actually what many thought was lawful activity was actually mass criminal activity. As the crats see the giant of the American People bypassing the DAs, State Attorneys for permission for justice and going directly to common law as accusers accepting liability for their accusations against other men and women that have injured them then even the worst psychos will modify their behavior or go to jail regardless of what the legislature or executive does. The courts are the proper venue for dealing with crime.

If one is going to put time and energy into doing something my suggestion is that you know the law and use it to protect yourself and to identify every single criminal that gets between you and proper justice. Once one understands this rallies, protesting, and politics will look down right stupid.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

crietmann's picture

Point well taken

and to clarify - I consider myself a pragmatic anarcho-capitalist. I do not believe we need government at all. With that said and to the "pragmatic" - we have what we have to work with. I blog too and would like to get those who's eyes have not opened yet to at least begin to take some action - anything really - to give them a small taste of what it feels like to really become an activist. I challenge my friends to make 10 calls a week to their representatives (because it's easy to find 10 things to bitch about) and that get's them more interested, more likely to be open to other news outlets like this, perhaps join a liberty group and to begin to stand up for themselves. To your point - know the law, know what force can be enacted on you and resist it to the extent you can afford to. Then their eyes are open.

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@Prismstop on

Very pertinent

and makes an some important points.

Under existing gun law you can be classified
as a "prohibited (from owning, possessing, etc. a firearm) person"
for things that have little or no relation to whether of not you
would be a responsible gun owner.

You could be operating completely legally under state law
as a medical marijuana user, for example, but the use makes
you a prohibited person under federal law.

What a lot of "progressive" types don't seem to get is that the basic
principle is unsound, and if your 2nd Amendment can be legally
extinguished this way then why can't any or all other rights be
lost as well?

I think your post illustrates the situation pretty well.

As others have experienced, most of my posts seem to sink
without a trace, too. And the couple that were front paged weren't
what I would consider anywhere near the most important.

Frustrating when - as now - action is needed on an important issues
and the hot threads seem to be about how many Mormons can dance
on the edge of a bitcoin or something...

One of my vanished threads that touches on the points in your post:

(I'm now up to two letters to Blumenauer and calling his office - still no response)

If other folks around here are like me,

they don't even see a quarter of what gets posted.


Regarding your other post, there is nothing at all "wrong" - except maybe timing? Many good threads just drift away unnoticed while others are conversing on another thread.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.