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My latest email to the traitorous Pat Toomey

Daily Paul Note: My eyes were not always open - there was a time when I supported Toomey.

Senator Toomey,

I helped campaign for you. I attended rallies, talked to my friends and convinced them that you were the best choice - a true friend of the Second Amendment. You cannot compromise on natural rights, particularly those clearly defined in the Bill of Rights. You are doing so. If you were being honest, you would look for support across the aisle for a Constitutional Convention to just do away with the Second Amendment once and for all. But let's face it - honesty isn't your strong suit.

As hard as I worked for you and the many other campaigns I have been involved in, I will be there to remind everyone I know, everyone I can reach through social media - that you are simply another politician, willing to say one thing and do another. Republicans, Libertarians and anyone who values the natural right to self-defense and the last line of defense against on overreaching federal government will remember you as the first traitor in the campaign to take away this most important right; not granted by the Constitution or by government but endowed to us by our Creator. At least you will be a single term Senator, though I must admit I miss the good old days before the 17th Amendment - when you could be recalled by your State Legislature and rode out of town on a rail. I would ask that you reconsider your compromise bill, but I suspect the votes of Philly mean more to you than upholding the Constitution that you swore an oath to defend.

I look forward to your canned response.

Chris Rietmann


I did get a response...

Dear Christopher,

Thank you for contacting my office. I appreciate your taking the time to share your thoughts about current issues. Please be assured that constituent correspondence will receive a reply in the near future.


Pat Toomey
U.S. Senator, Pennsylvania

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This was known

I remember some of Pat's rallies. I also recall pointing out to people that Mr. Tommey WAS a life long politician and a traitor to the cause seeing as he had spent YEARS in the PA legislature. I further recall being laughed at and ridiculed to the point of my vowing never to set foot in Pennsylvania if I could help it... to quote that old cell phone commercial ... Do you believe me now ???

That's me holding the Ron Paul sign on the left in the blue shirt and black hat


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I just got finished checking out Toomey's Facebook

and am astounded at all the negativity there. This guy should never have gotten involved in something this, this close to a weekend. I'm a true believer in how short the memories of the vast majority of Americans are and to place them self in a position of vulnerability when most have the time to address what is seen as a blatant betrayal is pure foolishness. We know where he stands, it is now in our hands to show him the errors of his ways by voting him out. I'm sure he can always get some type of position with his new found buddy Bloomberg. Anyone here have any experience in setting up a money bomb? We have 16 targets who have exposed their selves to defeat.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

The man has blinders on. On

The man has blinders on. On Constitutional issues there is no room for compromise.

Here is a letter I sent to my State Rep and neighbor, Cudos

Representative Bobeck,
I'd like to take this moment to thank you and congratulate you on your support of Representative Daryl Metcalfe,'s letter to Senator Toomey with regards to new gun control legislation. The agenda of the gun control lobby is becoming clearer by the day. Any new requirements will lead down the road of logical progression to the point where if an applicant wishes to purchase a new fire arm they will be required to disclose any and all firearms they already possess. Once a comprehensive registry is completed you can rest assured that whole sale confiscation will be the next step in their agenda. If this comes to be and the Second Amendment falls there is nothing to keep the total dismantling of the rest of our Constitutional protections from occurring. Those who are now our representatives will then become our rulers.
We now have a loud and powerful minority in Congress who are from populous areas who wield an in-ornate amount of power which is magnified by the mass media outlets in this country. One only has to look to our northern neighbor to see what representatives from a large metropolitan area can accomplish politically and against the wishes of the majority of the population. The draconian laws passed in New York State show that the totalitarian zealots will utilize an unfortunate occurrence such as Sandy hook to push forth their unconstitutional agenda over the graves of innocent children. Our own state shares this same affliction but to a much lessor degree and we are counting upon Representatives that have shown the bravery and determination that you have demonstrated and is required to offset the efforts of any who wish to promote the gun control lobbies agenda. Keep up the good work, you are probably the only individual whom I have cast a vote for in the last 12 years who I can unequivocally state I am glad I voted for. I sincerely hope Senator Baker is on board with you in this matter.
Bob Prescott
Harveys Lake
P.S. You might consider an exploratory venture into the possibility of taking Toomey's seat, he is incredibly vulnerable at the moment as is Casey.

I'm not kidding about this woman, she has incredible support here in NE Pa. and would be a formidable opponent to these turncoat this time.

There are no politicians or bankers in foxholes.

I look forward to your canned response.


Galatians 5:1
It is for FREEDOM that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.

Well, at least you didn't get a response like Rubio sends out,

"thank you for your interest in animal rights" WTF?

"When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know Peace." - Jimi Hendrix

One Term Toomey

Unfortunately, we have to endure almost 4 more years of his last term in public office.

Flood his inbox

Sen. Benedict Toomey needs to hear from you.


Try to be polite like crietmann.

I did


Sure, you'll receive a vain

Sure, you'll receive a vain reply after such a reply won't even matter.

Linking Toomey to Schumer PUBLICLY in crafting this dangerously ineffective trash of a bill will certainly help to destroy the future of this modern Benedict Arnold.

Spread the word that Toomey has collaborated with Schumer to prevent ownership or imprison any person who attempts to sell or acquire a gun not approved by the federal government. Furthermore, citizens will be made instant felons if they don't comply with this draconian registry. Imagine being made an instant felon in the USA for attempting to own a gun without first seeking approval from the federal government.


auto reply mail from him

crietmann's picture

Exactly what I expected :)

I did say I looked forward to his canned response...

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I believe I got the same canned response

AKA Spam lol

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