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IRS: We Can Read Emails Without Warrant

By Brendan Sasso | The Hill | 04/10/13

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has claimed that agents do not need warrants to read people's emails, text messages and other private electronic communications, according to internal agency documents.

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which obtained the documents through a Freedom of Information Act request, released the information on Wednesday.

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I am sure they are going to

I am sure they are going to love all the END THE FED chain emails I have sent to all the people I know...

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Admissable Evidence

While the IRS may have the ability, and is engaged in reading email without obtaining a warrant, I would suggest good clear argument in court will render the use of any evidence so extracted as inadmissible.

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You have never dealt with the IRS.

They routinely get rubber stamped judgements and liens. The courts do not hold the IRS to ANY type of rules of evidence. They are not held to any standard, actually, and simply do as they please with the court's blessing.

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4th Amendment?

WHAT 4th Amendment???

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To heck with it. It is overrated anyway imo.

I use it once in a blue moon. Texting as well.

Learn a second language and you will be ok lol


I'm Sold!

I'll be seeding out smoke signals from now on


Morse code

amongst other long lost communication skills could provide a demand in the future.

Not only for privacy but because who will be able to afford web service?

Perhaps TV towers will make a comeback too?


The Lost Art Of Letter Writing

Imagine writing a letter right now and having to wait ten hours just to *send* it? Another 2-3 days to know it's arrived at its destination? And then days - or weeks - for a response? But this article is right. The nature of writing has changed. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/andrew-lam/the-lost-art-of-let...

So mail that gets handled by multiple different people en route to its destination is protected; but there is no expectation of privacy for an e-mail sent directly from one party to another electronically? It doesn't make sense.

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How to use PGP Encryption

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Dear Iris, -------- IRS Form Extension -------- April 10, 2013

Over the years your revenue agents have been amused with my correspondence... whether addressed to them or not.
On July 9, 1953, the Secretary of the Treasury, G. K. Humphrey, created the Internal Revenue Service with the stroke of a pen, by issuing Treasury Order 150-06, without the approval of Congress.

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some of the comments there

are pretty sad. Some are blaming BO forgetting Bush's egregious violations and they're pinning their hopes on the 2014 election! These people are in a rut! It's like how so many were sure BO wouldn't get re-elected, how sorry are they gonna be when the dems hold the senate and more RINOs gain seats in the House?
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The question is not whether they CAN read them.

The question should be HOW do they have access to them.

WHOOPS that's a state secret. Literally.