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Marijuana: Amendment 64 causes problems for drug dogs with a nose for pot

How useful is a drug dog trained to go after something that is now legal in two states? Since it's no longer a crime to carry up to an ounce of marijuana in Colorado, the mere fact that a drug dog has detected marijuana isn't reason enough to search someone.

And because a dog is trained to detect not just marijuana but other drugs, such as meth, it might be tough to prove in court that a dog alerted the authorities to an illegal drug rather than the legal one.

"Basically, there is no way to un-train the dogs to not do marijuana," says John Schulz, spokesman for the Larimer County Sheriff's office. "So it really hamstrings the use of the dogs. What it boils down to is, we can't use the dog sniff anymore as a reason for probable cause."

Loveland police are thinking ahead, and training their latest pup -- a Dutch shepherd named Shadow -- to ignore the scent of cannabis completely;

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