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John Stossel: Pampered Politicians

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Only a minority of eligible voters elected CONgress.

It a faux democracy where the tyrrany of the minority rules.

Court records for 220 years is a history of Congress trying to enforce Unconstitutional laws.

No Democratic theory gives authority to representatives of a minority.

For 220 years Americans have tried the same thing hoping for better results. This is insanity.

Free includes debt-free!

Here is the next part to that show where he talks to Glen Beck

If Glen is not full of S#!tIt could be good. He has a voice and a lot of people watch him, the kinda people that need a wake up call. Glen I hope you words are true!

All Politicians Income should be fixed to the National Avg

Once you become a politician, the contract should be such that no other income is allowed. Your income should be fixed to the National Avg and your work after office cannot be that of a lobbyist in any way shape or form.

Yes, please BUY this wonderful libertarian BOOK! We all must know the History of Freedom! Buy it today!

"The System of Liberty: Themes in the History of Classical Liberalism" author George Smith --
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The belief in authority is what makes this possible

Read "The most dangerous superstition" by LarkenRose. Or visit to see some cool videos that explain why these thugs have all these special perks.


It is not until we own liberty for ourselves that "they" start to lose their power over us. Their power will dissolve when we start ignoring them. So long as we ask them for permission (having the color of right), they are in power.

do we need to hear anymore BAD NEWS???

There has been an industry, a profitable arm of info-tainment in this country for DECADES now, where WASTE, FRAUD, and ABUSE is given national attention and headlines to distract, disgust, and paralyze the public with a steam valve.

Stossel has made a career out of it...and he's filthy rich from many others can you name???

Statists are still in power, and central planners spend recklessly and govern our every move; now, they own our health care choices...

When are we going to break our addiction to this SOAP OPERA sensationalist news, that fuels outrage, yet NEVER shows up at the ballot box? Stop giving this ATTENTION, and let's get on with tearing from power and place ALL those who thrive by doing the public wrong!

Is anyone AWAKE? Does anyone know what we're supposed to be busy doing RIGHT NOW, 11 months ahead of the 2014 Republican primaries? Where is our umbrella Liberty Republican website for candidates, map of districts where we are targeting or running Ron Paul type Statesmen???

Enough with the BAD NEWS about how "the other half lives"; I thought this was a Revolution?

I'm getting ZERO RESPONSE to this, were we going to unite in Liberty, talk strategy, take seats, challenge seats...or...since there's no FOCAL point, no Ron Paul; we have nothing that unites us?

Pervasive Victim Mentality

I think the truth is most are still caught in the victim mentality, and are not inspired to create what is wanted. Just complain about how bad things are (look at the popularity of AJ). Misery loves company.
To the mind it doesn't matter if the misery is that of a liberal complaining about there not being enough social programs, or the libertarian complaining about there being too many social programs. In either case we are comparing and complaining. Creating what is wanted is accepting the way things are, and then building what is wanted. Protests and petitions, in the end, only bring forth those exact things we we protected and petitioned against. We get what we think about. It takes hard work to focus on what is wanted. We tend to take the path of least resistance... So we avoid thinking... Avoid thinking about what is wanted. Complaining is easier because we are not the responsible party...

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"Pampered" politicians reminded me why politicians

are like diapers.

They should be changed frequently and for the same reason.


Love it!

Kennedy is awesome

Thanks for posting