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Rand Paul talks to Michael Medved about speech at Howard University

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Has this already fallen of the main page?

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Bump for this shocker; an interview with neocon Medved

Medved is no friend of Liberty or Ron Paul. That makes this interview all the more shocking to hear. Thanks for posting.
Michael Medved, the son of a defense contractor scientist and former Democrat speech writer turned neocon talk show host, has penned a blog at the “conservative” website Townhall taking Ron Paul to task for his comments on Iran.

Bump for Liberty.

Bump for Liberty.

I hate politics

I'm glad that we have Rand in the spotlight though. While I don't think he's got a message strong enough at times, I do think he's honestly doing a very good job.

I'm beginning to understand 'like the communists that invaded this country from within decades ago' that it's all about public perception.

Ron Paul saved the idea from obscurity and will go down in history for doing so.

The fact the Medved is putting him on shows the accomplishments the movement has made.

Thanks for posting it.