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Update:Looks like a shortage in Physical Silver is shaping up

Here is the original post and status as of April 12. I've updated to reflect activity as of April 15
You can see the record sales at the US Mint site:

As of April 15 the mint has not yet updated its sales to reflect Friday and Monday's action

In spite of record sales and production online sites seem to have trouble keeping up with orders
Here is a quick survey of some online precious metal sites:

JM bullion: 15 business delay on silver eagles

April 15:the delay warning is across the top of the page but what is interesting they are selling individual 2013 silver eagles for $30.36 while the spot price right now is $22.41-nearly an $8 an ounce premium

Provident:looks like most of its silver products are out of stock. I could only find a 2011 silver eagle for sale at $5+over spot price

April 15: the front page features a product called Wise Fire, an eco friendly fuel source! That's right a Precious metal company selling fuel.
and the 2011 silver eagle reference on April 12 is now unavailable

Apmex: Random year silver eagles are sold out. The 2013 contains a note that they are being sold on a limited basis

April 15: now charging $29.28 for the 2013 Silver eagle and the limited basis language is now gone and a delayed till April 24 notice is included.

Golden Eagle Coin: Has a delay on silver eagles to April 19
April 15:increased their delayed shipping date till May 3

Bullion direct: Surprisingly seems to have inventory and the best price!

April 15: claims to have silver eagles for $25.83!

Northwest Territorial Mint: Has eagles if you buy 60 or more

April 15: still has eagles if you buy 60 or more and the price is $27.50

Gainesville coins says allow 5-7 days to ship- not sure if that means it will take 5-7 days to get your order or that they won't send out your order for 5-7 days after they receive it:
April 15 delay is explicit till April 30
Selling silver eagles for $28.47 if you do a bank wire, $29.31 by credit card

Wasnt covered in the original post.
Status as of April 15:now running a big banner noting high volume and delays

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U.S Mint will sell over 40 million(oz) of silver for 2013

or 1250 short ton
1133.98 Metric ton

more like 50-60 million

they have already sold 17.4 million

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anything over 40 million would be a Record for the u.s mint

In 2011 the US mint sold 39.868 million Oz of silver
that was a record year.
So far this year they have sold 17.455 Million ounces

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Funny how the Prechterite crowd won't touch a thread like this.

yeah just look at the US mint report

and you know it would be higher if they were better prepared and more efficient-
Saw your link to the silver doc story re stopping production of those nifty 1/10 ounce gold eagles

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It gets crazier-Apmex has restocked its Silver Eagles

with premiums of $7-10+ per coin over spot. 44% premiums!!!

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Silver buyers have missed the Austrian Philharmonic

Many sites have this good silver coin available at reasonable prices.

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Silver Rounds and Bars Directly From The Miner

First Majestic (symbol AG) has its own silver shop with silver available at decemt prices

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In addition to First Majestic, Great Panther has its own store

Great panther sells silver coins and bars at 29.50' first majestics'-are currently $27.50 an ounce.

Here is the great panther silver store limk

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Gainesville coins "back in stock" section is ironic

Just about every silver coin in that section has a delivery date of May 10
You can get the perth mint one ounce coin featurimg an abyssinian cat for $59.00

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SteveMT's picture

Wow, 100 oz Silver bars at APMEX are gone.

I found exactly #1-50 oz. and #1-100 oz. Engelhard silver bars at APMEX the rest are "alert me." Silver rounds are gone too.

Although the price is low (but always add on the brokerage fee when figuring out what the actual price is), 100 oz. silver bars are practically unavailable. What makes this sort of shocking is that before the crash, APMEX would usually have a reserve of 80+ 100 oz. silver Royal Canadian bars alone on hand ready to sell. How times have changed. You can bet that not one word of this shortage will be made public.

APMEX still has plenty of gold.

Prediction:all major online silver sellers will be completely

Sold out by Monday morning.
Anything left will be sold at ridiculous premiums like $40-$100 an ounce.
I have been tracking the sites inthe blog post above for more than 10 days and am watching the supplies dwindle
Right now the dealers are counting on their backorders of 2013 us silver eagles to make sales.
These won't arrive for weeks.

If the physical price remains this disconnected with the paper price for more than a week or so it may become a permanent feature of the silver market

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Silver Austrian Philharmonic coins still left

At many dealers at decent prices

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Apmex just about out of all silver products

Take a look

Looks like there will be money to be made on ebay....

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you mean currency to be made.

you mean currency to be made.

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul

Yes one can buy remaining silver using credit card

Or checks drawn on federal reserve notes to buy silver (money) and then sell it on ebay for more federal reserve notes then used to buy it and with the profits in federal reserve notes, buy more silver

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As predicted the prior year silver eagles are selling out
As are silver rounds
Seems what most companies have are waitlists for 2013 silver eagles to be minted by the us mint
Good luck with that mine collapse
Check the apmex and other links for availability
If they do have something its at a ridiculous premium
Remember a $5.99 or $6.99 premium on a coin over spot of $23 is like 25-30pct!!!

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Cyril's picture

I bought again (and last) at almost $3 over spot

I bought again (and last) at almost $3 over spot of $25 last week and I thought it was harsh...

I think I'm just gonna sit and watch for a while now, since my second to last order of... yes, 3 weeks ago is finally... being processed, only. Woohoo.

Maybe I'll get delivered before summer, you think? "lol"

"Cyril" pronounced "see real". I code stuff.


"To study and not think is a waste. To think and not study is dangerous." -- Confucius