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Update:Looks like a shortage in Physical Silver is shaping up

Here is the original post and status as of April 12. I've updated to reflect activity as of April 15
You can see the record sales at the US Mint site:

As of April 15 the mint has not yet updated its sales to reflect Friday and Monday's action

In spite of record sales and production online sites seem to have trouble keeping up with orders
Here is a quick survey of some online precious metal sites:

JM bullion: 15 business delay on silver eagles

April 15:the delay warning is across the top of the page but what is interesting they are selling individual 2013 silver eagles for $30.36 while the spot price right now is $22.41-nearly an $8 an ounce premium

Provident:looks like most of its silver products are out of stock. I could only find a 2011 silver eagle for sale at $5+over spot price

April 15: the front page features a product called Wise Fire, an eco friendly fuel source! That's right a Precious metal company selling fuel.
and the 2011 silver eagle reference on April 12 is now unavailable

Apmex: Random year silver eagles are sold out. The 2013 contains a note that they are being sold on a limited basis

April 15: now charging $29.28 for the 2013 Silver eagle and the limited basis language is now gone and a delayed till April 24 notice is included.

Golden Eagle Coin: Has a delay on silver eagles to April 19
April 15:increased their delayed shipping date till May 3

Bullion direct: Surprisingly seems to have inventory and the best price!

April 15: claims to have silver eagles for $25.83!

Northwest Territorial Mint: Has eagles if you buy 60 or more

April 15: still has eagles if you buy 60 or more and the price is $27.50

Gainesville coins says allow 5-7 days to ship- not sure if that means it will take 5-7 days to get your order or that they won't send out your order for 5-7 days after they receive it:
April 15 delay is explicit till April 30
Selling silver eagles for $28.47 if you do a bank wire, $29.31 by credit card

Wasnt covered in the original post.
Status as of April 15:now running a big banner noting high volume and delays

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Was not endorsing the statement

Just reporting the fact.
Perhaps i should have written, despite compelling evidence regulators refuse to find any manipulation

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You'd never know it by the price...

...Silver has been down and downer lately.

Same with gold.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Yes the price of silver has not moved up

With the increased investor demand-the silver Etfs have not been experiencing outflows and there is nothing to indicate that industrial demand is down

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and that doesn't tell you

and that doesn't tell you that manipulation is occurring?

Thats exactly the inference to be drawn

Record sales of bullion, cyrpus crisis, gold silver ratio over 50, huge demand for solar power and electronics, silver trading at 60 pct of its 1980 high etc but no manipulation of the price!

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You silly silver bugs don't understand supply and demand.

When more people want something, then they can mass produce it and manufacturing costs go down. Its like iPads, they were really expensive at first but now they mass produce them so they can make them cheaper.
When demand for silver is low, it costs more per ounce to manufacture. When demand goes up, they can make it in bulk and so sell it cheaper. See? It is an absolutely perfectly normal market response.

If you are not laughing, start now, I am joking.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.


And the same with the local dealers...they are short on silver!

Funny how the price keeps going down. Couldn't be manipulation by the big banks to give an appearance that their funny money paper notes actually have, our very own government's CFTC investigated and found no manipulation taking place. Go figure....

You can ignore reality, but you cannot ignore the consequences of

Ed steer of Casey research also notes

Of tightness in the Canadian silver market
Post Cyprus it seems like people stepped up their purchases of silver but the price did not go up at all
The bit coin story got all the attention

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The links have been updated

You can see each silver sellers available inventory and price

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