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UPDATED: Escape from LA: Help Liberty Delegates Get Home

Jeremy Blosser showing Priebus a picture of him being Joaned!

Updated after the jump...

Bet you wish you were listening to this conversation!

LIVE updates from the RNC Winter Meeting in Hollywood

Thanks to those who chipped in to help send these delegates to California to fight the power grab.

From JB:

"Spent the last couple hours talking to Reince on and off about the fact the delegates from national affected by those votes have never had the chance to tell our story. There's been no forum for it and we've had to settle for other people acting as our proxies saying what we did and didn't want and often getting it wrong. Told him if he's serious about finding a way past it he should work with us to put together a commission of RNC members (half our pick half his) to hear the stories and see the details and make a recommendation to the RNC on what to do about the past and the future. Mentioned the need for something like that to help resolve situations in Maine and Alaska as well. Not holding my breath it will happen but the idea is out there and we aren't done pushing for it."

"Fairly probable but all I can do is push. The primary reason we are here is still to support the people the movement got elected to the RNC, regardless. Leave no man (or woman) behind."

"At one point he said he must have not heard us. I noted he gavelled us quiet at least 4 times."

UDPATED: Escape from LA: Help Liberty Delegates Get Home

From JB:

Some people keep asking why we should keep attending these meetings, why we should continue to fight the rules battle, why we think any Ron Paul or other liberty people should engage in the GOP at all, at least at the national level.

I keep meaning to write something extensive on this and not finding the time, but in brief:

The first and primary reason we will continue to attend these meetings is to support the people the movement elected to represent us here, and others who have tried to help us. These are our people who made commitments to do things and to abandon them to just do the best they can among this group would not just be irresponsible, it would be immoral. Many of us who are attending these have made personal commitments of our own to these people that we will either personally attend or make sure someone else personally attends every meeting of the RNC that's held while they hold the office. We will not leave our people behind.

As to the general question of if this is a place liberty can ever prosper, most of you asking this are largely failing to understand the difference between the ends and the means in the long struggle for liberty and limited, constitutional government. The party is not the ends, it is a means to the end. Just like Ron Paul standing in Congress for decades voting no on everything was not the end, it was a means to an end.

There are many, many means we pursue. This is not a situation where if we don't win on the rules, it's all for naught and we need to find something else to do. Everything we do along the way is in service to a greater goal, and as long as the people engaged see they are making progress toward that goal and don't get confused and start thinking this is the only thing worth doing, at some point it all comes together. In the case of the RNC, whether we win these current fights or not we are building our network and defending our people and putting a light on what goes on between the things people normally pay attention to. That is worth some of our time.

Fight the fight how you think is best, we'll fight the fight we think is best, and we'll help each other out wherever we can.

From Bryan Daugherty:

Today Nicole Revels, Bill Paulson and I worked on 3 different courses to bring a motion to the General Session tomorrow. Jeremy Blosser took our strongest argument and rewrote it to be as affective as possible. Unfortunately the motion will never be heard. After speaking with Morton Blackwell and others there was no way to have it brought forth without it being ruled out of order. However, that did not stop Nicole and I from handing it to Chairman Priebus at tonight's reception at Fox Studios.

We had another candid discussion regarding the plight of the grassroots. In all fairness, Reince Priebus, Mike Shields (Chief of Staff) and Demetra DeMonte have provided an extended audience to our hard criticisms. I can honestly say that regardless of what happens tomorrow at the General Session with the rule amendment recommendations, (which will need 126 votes to be adopted), that all of us here have made EVERY EFFORT POSSIBLE to address every grievance.

I hope all of you take every effort to support these unbelievably incredible activists spanning from Texas, North Carolina, Minnesota and Maine. I have always been so proud to stand side by side with all of you and your dedication continues to inspire me. (despite my snarkiness). I feel honored to consider many of you among my closest friends. Thank You!!! — with Amy Shevokas Hedtke, Jorge Landivar, Read King, Chuck Suter, Teryn Driver, Lauren Landivar, Jeffrey Larson, Ashley Ryan, Diana Orrock, Eric Brakey, AJ Spiker, Michelle Anderson, and Mark Willis


If you'd like to contribute a few dollars to help some of these people recoup some of the costs required to make these trips into the lion's den, your help would mean a lot. They can't continue to do these things without our support both morally and financially. Thanks for the support!

For Liberty,



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Oh, Ira, I do disbelieve your

Oh, Ira,
I do disbelieve your belief because I have seen it different in my own community. At the GOP monthly meetings there are usually at least two state or federal senate and congressmen who come and anyone can talk to them about anything! We have a pretty nice contingent of RP supporters who come to every meeting, and we are not afraid to make our feelings known. One of US, just got elected to be the District Committeeman (mostly because no one else wanted it, but STILL)..and when elected he stood up and said he would represent the GOP mission statement and the Constitution of the US, to the best of his abilities. Then he sat down. He has been in this town all his life and the neocons know him, and ya kinda can't help but like this guy even though HE likes RP. NO, you do not have to be one to get in, in many places. You just need other RP people to support you.
Are you still living in that town of Hell? I think it may warp your perspective..

I am only part time in Hell

I am only part time in Hell Town now. I've dusted my feet of Dysfunction Junction. It did warp my beliefs, that's for sure. I now know just how lazy and uneducated and criminal loving we are as a nation. And I also saw it at the State level. I too go to the meetings. Yes, some of us get in. I after all am the former Chair of our County. But what difference does it make when THEY illegally shut down the convention and count the votes in secret three days later?

Good luck with your Paulite on his Committee. Check back with me in a year or two (or after a couple of election cycles) and let me know how he was treated by the establishment, or if he decided to join them. If he's a true Ron Pauler he won't get assimilated.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Oh what I'd like to do with

Oh what I'd like to do with that smile on his face

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

Can you elaborate a little more...


I'm a serial entrepreneur and liberty activist from Texas!