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Death via probate court - An American Horror Story for the Elderly

"Across the country an American Horror Story is unfolding as massive numbers of elderly individuals who have committed the heinous crime of [aging with assets], now find themselves in probate court and officially declared dead in the law by virtue of being declared an incompetent ward of the state. This is human trafficking sanctioned by not only the courts, but also by congresses, both state and federal who are well aware of these organized criminal activities, but who refused to acknowledge or act to defend the elderly from these predators." http://ppjg.me/2013/04/10/death-via-probate-court-an-america...

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It's not an easy article to read

Maybe it's the truth about the issue, which is complicated, or maybe it's all the food for thought? There were some real solid nuggets of truth.. and there was that "silly" thought about a horror story being like class B hollywood movies. I've had thoughts like that too.. zombies.. walking dead people.. they even tell you "I should have died"..through technololy they live.

Stories like this always make me think of Terri Schiavo.. her family loved her, she had money in the bank to sustain her life support, but the husband was ready to move on with a new women.. and so Terri was starved to death.. it was cruel, and ironically, the only thing Bush did right (was wrong in that it's not the fed's business) but I was glad he tried to stop her death sentance.. her husband was done with her, so that was it. The world called Terri "brain dead" and cheered her death.

And so it has become this horror story of the "intellectual elite" of the death cult, who, despite elder abuse laws, fraud, and what have you.. are destroying lives.. age has alot to do with it.. too young are aborted, the too old or diseased with dementia, or cancer are too given to the machine that takes what it wants.. and now, I see it's looking at those who do legally, as to the "intellectual elite eath cult", only sick people do drugs, so, now they want to take away guns from those who are doing legal drugs.. so they can not defend themselves.. it's a horror movie all right.

I can't speak for Terry

but if I'm ever in that same boat, I want the world to know to pull the freaking plug on me...and don't wait weeks or months, do it soonest! Just give me 3 days to see if I can shake it off first.

One day, I'm gonna' change my name to Dale Lee Paul

My brother was in a simular boat to Terri's

I have a brother who was a tall, handsome, father of three who became a quadplegic, and then got sick.. after a few years of being a quad, years in hospitals.. getting sick, and then his getting sick, and the hospital wing he was on had some outbreak.. we had wear pobes, gloves, heats, masks, booties to see him,, for months.. and they paralysed him, so he couldn't move.. so it was like talking to a dead man.. he had so many machines hooked up to him.. it got to me. Where was my big handosme brother and what was this broken needy human that replaced him? And I told a doctor one day that they were just keeping him alive to profit off his body.. I was pissed and tired.. and thought really, he would be better off dead.

Twenty years later.. he owns a cincession stand at a river rafting spot, where he is very popular, has many beautiful girlfriends, has many friends and is well liked.. his life is better than many who are able bodied. Si, I was wrong 20 years ago.

As for Terri.. she was LOVED by her family (that LOVE is what kept my brother alive) So to me, as long as there is LOVE, let their be life.

Eloquently stated

and true. The predators will seek out the weak. Obamacare will be another easy prey upon the weak situation.

The chronic care homes are full of people drugged out of their minds. The medical field is big business and not much real care.

Reminds me of people who were paid to cry at funerals

now people are being paid to care for those who can not be cared for because they don't have the proper certiciates, licenses, insurance, or network to legally do anything but spend money on lawyers ( who are the worst psychotherapists)..

It's as if all this recent exposure to truths of the past are what blind us to the truth of today.

I am visiting an elderly person

in hospital every week. The staff are paid care givers but have no natural understanding of providing care and comfort. The elderly are given minimum care because of short staffing. I am encountering people, nursing staff and doctors, who cannot seem to communicate verbally or in writing and cannot comprehend what is written. It is like something is missing in the brain that allows comprehension.

I told a staff member a concern and it was charted completely different from what I said. This person wrote it as one long run on sentence and no paragraphs for half a typed page.

That night I lay awake feeling as though I am living on some alien planet of dumb downed humans. What happened to intelligent people. Most politicians are now coming across as dumb downed idiots and air heads!

An older friend of mine was killed a couple of months ago

by this system. He had lost circulation to two TOES! They ended up amputating both legs, putting him on a psychotropic, and he was dead in 6 weeks. He wasn't wealthy, but he did own 30 acres. We had wanted to take him into our home, but didn't even have time to prepare and move him before he died! I am still so angry and sad.

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html


I'm really sorry about your loss what a hell of a way to go.. damn shame. I lost my Mother to the system jan 2010.. one treatment of chemo and it was all over. I too am angry and sad, and I'm seeing the sytem chew people up and I feel so helpless.

Thank you for your kind words, and I am very sorry about your

mom. The system is making enemies faster than it can recover--Good riddance once they're finally gone!

Christians should not be warmongers! http://www.lewrockwell.com/vance/vance87.html

My condolences and empathy.

I have lost loved ones to the incompetency of this system. It is not that any of the individuals are bad, just trapped in a system where communication is almost nil.

Right now I visit an elderly person that was in ICU because of a hospital superbug, and then sent over to a medical hospital. The meds given in ICU were meant for that situation only, but they kept giving the same meds because no one recorded a STOP order on them. I have had to challenge the doctor to stop those meds, and also challenge the staff in their care giving.

Were I an untrained person with no medical knowledge the meds would be continued and the deterioration in health blamed on age and failing health. Most people do not have an advocate and many die because of this horrible system with its over prescribing of drugs. It is heart breaking and it keeps me fighting this system. We have no choice, do we?

Guardian ad litem....

That is Latin for "Zombie that eats the flesh off the living." Family members who wish to care for their own family are refused, saying they lack proper credentials. I've seen this play out, it is ugly in the extreme.
If anyone knows how to protect oneself against this, I am all ears. I am at unusually high risk of having everything I have and am working for taken from me the first time I oversleep. Ladies, don't let your babies grow up to be attorneys.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

The right trust can help

The right trust can help protect you. I need to get up to speed on them again myself just have not had the time as usual but will help you and me both when I do...

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Get Prepared!


A couple people have advised me to look into trusts, I need to get serious about it. Every time I start to look into it, I get overwhelmed and put it off. A little guidance would be awesome.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Maybe having a will?

I have all my bank accounts and pension savings in my children's name and plan to put their names on my house asap even though I am in no danger. I see many elderly doing this. Doing it even if you are still young may be worth considering.

Trouble is

the person most likely to screw me over is my daughter. (Her husband will pull the strings, but she is little more than a very cute puppet of his, looks just like someone who once loved me.)

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You need to take measures to protect yourself.

I do not know what that would be. Perhaps legally you can disinherit them both. Make a will and leave them out of it. That way there is nothing for them to gain. See a lawyer!

I looked into that.

You can't really "disinherit" people, you just don't include them in the will. Children often will challenge wills that exclude them in probate court and win, and an attorney child probably will. Also, those only apply if I die, if I am lucky enough to live to see it, they will attack me the first time I do anything that they can run to the court and show as "proof" of my incompetence - something crazy like speaking out against the police state....
If I knew how to protect myself, I would not have brought this up. From what checking around I have done, I am pretty well screwed. Truly, this is my effort to lay some groundwork to defend myself - I'll dig this post up and take it to court and say "She's been planning this for years." Lame, but the best idea I have at the moment.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I would move somewhere

they could never find me. I would liquify all assets and go.

You're a sweeite.

Life is complicated. If I stop doing what I am doing and hide from my children, they absolutely will never wake up. If I sell my farm my own ability to care for myself goes away, and I doubt I can sell it for enough to just run buy another farm. Most important, I have something going at the community level that is far too important to let it be derailed by a zombie child. I do not think I could ever get this situation again - I have total access to a 160 geothermal spring, and neighbors chomping at the bit to learn aquaponics and permaculture.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Hope it works out

in the end. Maybe a letter left in the hands of a lawyer?

It sort of is.

I raised her. If I cannot reach her, who can? And if I cannot, perhaps I deserve that fate, for my failure to see through the lies and protect her when she was young. I protected her from all the evil I could see, but I could not see very well... "poor vision" paid very well.
Anyway, thanks for caring, it is sweet. I'm sorry I brought itup, other than it bumps a good post. It is in the hands of the Universe now, maybe Love can reach the attorney in time.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.