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Jesse Benton 'Enjoyed Spending Time with the FBI'

Via EPJ:

Jesse Benton: I Enjoyed Spending Time with the FBI

Jesse and his new buddy Mike Huckabee talk here, about the recording of a McConnell planning session that was leaked to Mother Jones.

Jesse is just honored to speak with the warmonger.

Posted by Robert Wenzel at 10:37 PM 0 comments

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couple of issues...

Why is the FBI involved in state law.

What federal law was broken, if any. How do they know federal law was broken if they don't even know who did it?

Huckabee can't say what law was broken of if it is even illegal by Kentucky state law.

Ok... I agree it is a disgusting act...BUT!

But why does the government have to provide a solution. It was McConnell's office and it should have been swept for bugs and listening devices... that would have been much cheaper than involving the FBI after the fact.

And if it turns out one of McConnells own staff did it then there if probably no crime at all. In indiana if one party to the conversation secretly records it
, it is a completely LEGAL act.

I'm iffy on Benton, however,

I'm iffy on Benton, however, he is our line to McConnell. Either way if Rand does run in 2016 he needs to keep Jesse far away from his presidential campaign.

A line to McConnell versus a line of coke.

One will screw up your head, get you hooked in with a gang of murderous thugs who will do anything for money including turn on you and ruin your life for a little more turf... the other will wear off in a couple hours.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I disagree

Rand and the other "liberty republican" senators need McConnell so they can get access to the floor. I've heard repeatably that the senate floor is always in the hands of the majority/minority leaders, or however that works.

Oh, what the heck? Ugly truth here, downvoters swarm here!

Benton is a douchebag, as noted below. What kind of people would help him gain so much political clout....?

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

You mean the Paul family? I

You mean the Paul family?

I mean what's the guy supposed to say?
'They're evil and would shut them down if I could!'

Gotta be smart and diplomatic you know...

Getting waaarrrrrrmer...

Got a mirror?
OUCH! I hate things like that too.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Sorry, I don't speak moron...

Sorry, I don't speak moron...

Really? Which snarky reply to post?

None. I'm trying to make things better, not trade insults.
How much power do WE give to people who stab us in the back, and how much of it are we willing to tolerate? "Ron Paul" would still be synonymous with "Who?" if not for us.
WE are responsible for who becomes "leaders" in the liberty movement.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

Leaders know how to take

Leaders know how to take power, you don't give them anything. I know the whole 'democracy' 'we the people' thing is popular but come on. Do you think for a moment Benton spends even a tick thinking about you or the DailyPaul members?

Politicians get their power and influence from money which is given to them by those to whom they make their promises.

Everyone but you is to blame? OK.

Hey! I hear Glenn Beck is a libertarian - you can trust him, no worries.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.

I simply said that regardless

I simply said that regardless of his beliefs, he was probably being diplomatic and you start attacking me for no rhyme or reason.

He's not even an elected official so I don't know how you're saying you give him power. All his power comes delegated from the Paul family, so stop twisting my argument and try to sort out what you believe.

JUST to summarize, Benton is

JUST to summarize, Benton is a douchebag that belongs in politics, and also deserves to be tarred and feathered...

He is a twerp, isn't he?