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Larry Pratt knocks Blitzer on his heels: "Your polls are hokum. So are Fox's...

"I don't believe they ask the right questions". And much more. Pratt also calls for ousting Toomey. It's a great match.


See full show on YT here. Thanks AnCapMerc.


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You really get it!

See if you also can fit fake victims in there next time.

((((((((((((El Buggo))))))))))

Today the post office returned the Thank You package I sent you, 06 March 2013. They are just a few things from the convention, a financial statement and just wanting to show my appreciation for your support. It really meant a lot to me. THANK YOU.

You forgot fake religions,

You forgot fake religions, fake Christians...

You are so right - today- VU-

where are the Christians today?

They aren't leading us today like prior to and up to 1776. Somehow I expected them to be there leading us today, like back then. Quite a shock. Requires explanation.

WHAT'S CHANGED!??, A(((HOLES)), YOUR POCKET BOOK? Maybe your grip on knowledge isn't as easy as you'd like? GD internet. LOL.

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina


Fake DP members

why say he is fake? obama

why say he is fake? obama claims he is Christan yet he drone strikes little kids. i would say that is fake christain

░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄▄▄ ----------------O

Many many fake Christians

... for the following reasons:
• they attend a corporate 501C3 "church" sanctioned by the ( satanic ) government
• their pastor is likely a paid government operative
• their bible is missing key elements and has been manipulated
• key aspects of the story of Jesus have been changed
• they have been made into sheep, when their leader Jesus was in fact a political åctivist
• the falsified history they believe is ridiculously innacurate

Despite all these flaws ... go to your local Christian church Sunday morning and I guarantee you will find a group of great people :)


Yeah, they like to use "polls" to indicate a majority is in their favor.

Remember the poll on yahoo front page not too long ago....The question was whether people thought new gun laws were needed. And the results were 80% said yes, 20% said no. Funny thing though, I watched that poll from when it appeared to when it had over 200,000 votes, and never did the ratio change even one percent....it stayed at 80% in favor of new gun laws and 20% against...that was the "voice of the American people". Freakin' liars.

Complete deception, this conglomeration of corporate networks that sells the fake sandy hook story, 911 story, justifies murderous killings by our military, covers up and assists in the trampling of our constitution.....they are explicitly treasonous and should be prosecuted for such.

Why in the world does this

Why in the world does this former Mossad agent and dual Israeli/American citizen have a show. He isn't attractive AT ALL. He is boring, he is monotone. What gives?

Because he's indispensable to MIC

like an Ivy-League professor with tenure is indispensable to a Marxist govt, only in journalist drag - sans pipe, tweed jacket, elbow patches. Ratings aren't a concern when you are a mouthpiece for MIC — they can afford your salary. What gives? Journalism. [sarcasm]

"If you want something you've never had before, you have to do something you've never done before." Debra Medina

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Wolf is ex-Mossad??!?!

Wolf is ex-Mossad??!?!

*Wisconsin Constitution* Article I, Section 25 "The people have the right to keep and bear arms for security,defense,hunting,recreation or any other law-abiding purpose"

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