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Rand Paul did NOT use teleprompter

HuffPo reported Rand Paul used teleprompters. Incorrect.

It is true that two "reflector pads" were setup in front of Rand. However, there were no projectors at the base of the reflectors.

It's possible the reflector pads are always there. It's also possible HuffPo intentionally put them up to create a story.

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you can see him reading it...When a guy sits there and bounces from one side of the room to the other while looking at the exact same places...that means he's reading a teleprompter.

Who cares though? It was a good speech.


is a mouth piece for the Elite. Nothing on there should ever be taken seriously including the comments posted by its users. User from Huffpost rave about being true Democrats in which minorities have a right to speech, but when you post a comment it gets deleted. God forbid your Libertarian reasoning gets too many Fanned and Favorites and makes it to the top of their article.

His name is Edward Snowden

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Let's ask

for feedback/confirmation from Rand's office.

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They are just amazed that he

They are just amazed that he can orate so well (and remember historical facts to a tee), that they thought it was impossible to do without a teleprompter.

It's not impossible when you are smart and believe what you say.

And let's not forget he didn't use one in his 13-hour long filibuster.

He seems to be getting a lot of criticism for his speech but I

thought it was good.

The link is here.


The media are just waiting for him to make a mistake they can nail him to do not doubt it.

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I was mistaken. Huffpo planted them there so...

they could make an article about that rather then what he said. I'm disgusted.

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I don't have enough

I don't have enough information to know if Rand used the teleprompter or not. However, if he did not, it's funny that his speech was so good that people thought he did.

Why doesn't the Huff Post mention that the wonderful speeches Obama gives always include a prompter?

There are many clips on the net that demonstrate Obama has difficulty speaking without the prompter. Just because the president uses one, doesn't mean everyone does.

He has difficulty

speaking with them too! lol

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You can look at the cspan

You can look at the cspan video before he took stage. The projectors are these boxes that sit at the base of the pads. Not there. HuffPo is puffing smoke.

You may be right. Do you think

that the college did that on purpose to make it appear that way? If that's the case I'm appalled at the collusion of Howard University and the media.

I Would Think that Rand's staff would request the teleprompter's

be removed anytime he speaks. Especially if he doesn't use them. He is well informed, smart and an excellent speaker.