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Give supporters the microphone!

How about an idea? Let's petition "official" to make campaign videos/commercials that shows the diversity of Ron Paul's support, and connects with everyday people.

Here's what we do...

"Official" can ask supporters to film testimonials when they attend rallys. Kill two birds with one stone. Rally support, generate funds, and create advertising material. Well, I guess that's three. Plus, it would be fun! Remember... its a rule that we have fun!

All they have to do is create a small video booth, and let the supporters go in for 2 minutes and explain why they support Ron Paul. That's it! Now they have all the footage they want. The "free-market" of supporters defines the message, and it can be edited to whatever the "official" campaign desires.

Not tooting my own horn but I think it would be a very successful and workable idea.

- kipload