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Project 1!

I posted awhile back regarding the petitioning of the FDA by the IDFA and NMPF in order to amend the definition of milk and 17 other milk products to incorporate non-nutritive sweeteners such as Aspartame in said products (without a nutrient content claim). I am posting the link to the federal register regarding this petition and I would hope that some here on the DP would find interest in commenting by the deadline and submitting such responses to the FDA.

I will be submitting many pages of opposition to such petition as this is a huge issue for me. I do not consume dairy products but my family does, therefore I feel it is imperative for me to speak for them and for humanity.

I have also provided the link for the Code of Federal Regulations regarding Title 21, section/part 131 on Milk and Cream for information regarding current allowed ingredients, etc. in these products.



Peace and Love first.

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Thanks for the interesting info...

...I will check it out when I get home!

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You know what is great about this site?

No matter what we all post, it does get clicked-on, viewed and read and whether or not someone upvotes, downvotes or comments or provides helpful links, know that your messages are important and beautiful and liberating in their own ways...honesty can be sensed in every post here, it's just that everyone's definition and expectation of honesty is different.

We are all honest by our very willingness to post and share and open our lives, hearts and views up to strangers, but friends by the notion that we care enough about the woes and corruptions of the world that we have awakened from our slumbers...we are born anew.

I like to think my posts have been read by Ron Paul or Rand Paul or other Liberty oriented minds...and you know what, some of them probably have been.

Peace and Love first.

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