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Help, Buying Silver Coins!

Does it really matter who minted the coins? Is it better to go with the US Mint? What about the coins that say AOCS approved? I want to buy some silver, but have no idea which coins are best to go with!

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Get the Most Silver for your Buck

You'll have a better return on investment by going with the lower cost option. the premium on the silver eagle vs the 1oz rounds won't triple when silver triples.
Go with the cheap 1oz option. nothing wrong with 10oz or 100oz bars either as long as you have some smaller silver to go with it (for your barter/ bug out bag type thing)

Go with beauty.

Ultimately silver derives its value from people's desire for it, so you'll be more able to sell and trade beautiful coins. Goes for bullion, junk silver, gold, anything.

If you have a choice between walking liberty junk silver half dollars and ugly old Ben Franklins, what do you choose?

Silver eagles are prettier than most silver bullion, so I wouldn't think that would be a bad choice. Just don't pay a huge premium.

I like walking liberty halves and mercury dimes. You shouldn't pay much more than $2 over spot for the scrap silver value with 90% silver coins. That translates to about 11 bucks for a half dollar, and 2.25 for a silver dime at recent prices.

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