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Where to Buy Gold Online WITH Insured Delivery

Hi guys,

I usually get my PMs from http://www.providentmetals.com/ and they're great. However, they don't offer the option of insured delivery, at least as far as I know...

And since I'll probably be buying more at a time than in the past, I don't want to risk the chance of it getting lost or stolen in the mail.

So, does anyone have recommendations for online retailers with competitive pricing that also has delivery insurance.


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check this out:

you'll see that Liberty Coin & Precious Metal consistently has the most items with the lowest prices among the listed companies.

[From their FAQ]How are metals shipped?
Answer: Metals are shipped by registered, insured mail.

they don't take credit card. if you mail any check, it's going to take 10 business days to clear. if you want to cut back on the wait, use wire.

Any reputable internet

Any reputable internet bullion dealer will ship the goods to you registered and insured. In the past I bought a good deal of gold and silver from California Numismatic Investments: http://www.golddealer.com/

I never had a problem with them.

Patronize your local coin dealer or other merchant

My suggestion: Patronize your local coin dealer or other merchant with your gold-buying business. I looked at all the low mark-ups with online sellers, but tacking on shipping and insurance made the final price about the same as my local merchant's 6%. I preferred to give the local shop my business (even though he does relatively well hocking lottery tickets).

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Try Peter Schiff's company, Euro Pacific metals - I've heard

they do a great job, instead of wire transfer you can deposit a check into their account and have it shipped to a UPS location where it is covered until you actually sign for it.

I have used Merit Financial and was happy with them, free shipping/insurance on first order however you have to do wire transfer or wait forever if you mail a check AND you have to be present to sign for the package - no one else can.

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Thanks for the helpful

Thanks for the helpful responses guys. Anyone else, feel free to chime in.

Two options I know of:


Very good prices, but they have minimum quantities to get them, shipping, insurance, and handling are free in the lower 48.

You can buy less than the minimum, insured and all, but you'll pay more per ounce - closer to what you can find elsewhere.

Also, with bullion, they generally don't have stock. You place the order, then they place their order to acquire, then they ship - sometimes you'll wait 8-16 weeks for delivery, but by far, they are the best bang for the buck.


They only sell what they have in stock - LOTS of STOCK available.

They have a wider variety than NWT.

Shipping is usually 2 weeks.

You can buy in any quantity, even singles, but they usually offer discounts for bulk purchases.

YOU have to pay shipping, handling and insurance however, but it is available. (NWT it's free)

Was going to their office to buy

The NWT has a retail store/office in Federal Way WA. I stopped going because they started not having anything on hand and it was a bit of a drive. Their prices at the outlet were better than the local shops and one time even got nothing but Canadian maples in mint condition for bullion price.

But now, the drive is long and half the time they don't have bullion on hand anymore (not even their own), so haven't bothered in a while. Am just saying that they too feel the physical shortage. The lady I dealt with there said their stuff is already sold as soon as it arrives daily and they can't keep up.

Will be interesting to see how this whole silver thing works out.

I don't think that is anything new really. Maybe they have less

in stock for walk-ins, but I think they have long been operating on the model of they don't sell what they have, they wait to order until you order.

I think this is especially true if the price is not going down. And even if it does start falling, like recently, they tend to drag it out as if they are waiting for a lower price to acquire what they promised to sell you.

A four month turnaround is really unaccepatable. I'd say it borders on fraud.

I suspect they held out a recent shipment a friend ordered because they were waiting for the price to bounce before they aquired so they could maximize their spread.

That's a shame, because they otherwise seem like a great company.

All registered mail ($30) deliveries


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Virtually all the products and pricing are on the website.
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All packages are fully insured and you'll have to sign for it.