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PEW: 5% of Americans Love Doing Their Taxes

PEW: 5% of Americans Love Doing Their Taxes

Posted by Ryan W. McMaken | April 11, 2013 | 10:30 AM

And an additional 29% "like" it. Why do people enjoy doing their taxes? Well, they get a "refund." That is, they get back some of their money that the government has been holding interest-free while you work to pay them more. And what if you hold "too much" of your own money and then write the feds a check at the end of the year to cover the short fall? In that case, you probably have to pay them penalties. You see how it works.

We can thank the Great "Libertarian" Milton Friedman for helping the federal government develop tax withholding, an ingenious government scam which helps the feds maximize revenues and hold excess funds interest-free for a time, all the while convincing some people that they're actually getting some kind of gift from the feds.

Read more: http://www.lewrockwell.com/blog/lewrw/archives/135425.html

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I get a refund. So what?

I get a refund. So what? April 15 is still I-hate-my-government-day, so far as I am concerned. I don't use turbotax or any other software program, just on principle -- it's bad enough to have to pay all those taxes without shelling out even more for software that exists only because congress made the tax code so damn complicated. One advantage of doing the taxes myself is that I have a pretty good idea of just how obscenely complicated the tax code actually is. I received $25 of dividend income -- so I had to fill out an entire extra page of "worksheets" to deal with that. Every year I have to fill out a full one page tax form to show that I *don't* have the pay the alternative minimum tax. And so on.