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New Gun Bill: Your Doctor Will Dictate Your Gun Ownership Rights

The gun bill looks to be moving forward, as the filibuster attempted today failed. This is despite the fact that there is no text available for the bill yet. How can a bill move forward without actual text? Without anyone reading it? That’s our wonderful government for you! It’s a farce.

There are stories a-plenty that you can read on your own, so I’ll just concentrate on the issue in this bill that I find to be the most troubling: the medical information shared through background checks.

The current bill, titled the Public Safety and Second Amendment Rights Protection Act, follows the same path as New York’s (the least free state in the country!) “NY Safe Act of 2013″, which includes provisions for mental health professionals and MDs to report or flag patients that they deem to be unstable. This has already led to NY State police suspending the gun permits for citizens who are on anxiety medications.

The most recent stats I can find (which are from 2011) peg 1 in 5 Americans as currently taking some sort of drug for mental health. So with the passage of this bill, the government can now tell 1/5th of our population (or more most likely, as those numbers have only gone up) that they are ineligible for gun ownership. Or at least they can if it’s reported by a health practitioner who feels that its their duty to report any mentally irregular patients, if that’s indeed what the provision will be. That’s how NY’s bill is worded, but without any text available for the new bill, who knows what medical information is reported? It may be the entire history and simply having a prescription for a generic antidepressant or anti-anxiety med will flag you as mentally unstable and a “danger to yourself or others.”
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What if you don't have a

What if you don't have a doctor? I don't go to a doctor regularly because I feel fine. If something is wrong then I will go. I am unlike the rest of the harebrained population who thinks you need to go in every 6 months or year to get checked up. I also never get my teeth cleaned. I bet not participating in this kind of crap will at some point become grounds for forced institutionalization.

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You will be fined.

Obamacare. "Free" healthcare for all, but you are going to have to show up for your physical... and if you refuse to carry health insurance, you will be fined a couple thousand bucks. I am saving up for my fine - I'll pay. I have no intention of letting an Obama approved doctor get near me with a ten foot stethoscope.

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I have insurance through work

I have insurance through work because they pay most of it, otherwise I don't know what I would do, because I would not pay the Obamacare fine. I've not heard anything about a physical, but I don't do it. I refuse to get my privates touched and probably probed up the ass. If my balls hurt or I think I have colon cancer, well...I would probably still just let myself die rather than be violated.

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Quickly to follow...

After they take guns away from people actively taking medications they will go for the gun owners who have spouses, children, or anyone else taking the medications that have access to their guns.

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They are...

...already doing that in Colorado now too:



They already do that in

California, unfortunately.

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All the more reason

To eat well, take care of yourself , and stay the flip away from the doctor's office.

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Job pointing out a very likely unintened consequence. People that actually need mental health treatment will avoid getting help due to the possibility of their information being added to a government database, without their knowledge. One last comment, I live in PA and all the conservatives here have been so happy with "conservative" Pat Toomey. His stamp on this bill should leave no doubt that he is a full on statist.


More like Constitution-scorning tyrant.

Take back the GOP and Restore America Now.

Oh, totally

Toomy's true colors are on full blast with this garbage.