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If I owned a Bank

If I owned a bank, it wouldn't really be a bank as much as a big 'safe' renting out space and facilitating transactions.

I would refuse to participate in fractional reserve banking.

I would refuse to be part of the Central Banking ponzi scheme and would not be FDIC insured.

You could deposit gold, silver and fake paper money if you wished.

I would not pay any interest to deposit holders.

I would simply store and guard your valuables for a reasonable fee.

If you wanted a loan from my bank, you would have to ask fellow depositors for money, basically like CrowdFunding. You would have to work out interest rates etc with each other, the only thing my bank would do is facilitate the transaction.

If a depositor has, say $100,000 worth of gold in his account and wanted to lend $10,000 to someone, my bank would transfer that 10K of gold into the banks holding and release it upon repayment of the money the customer lent out.

The only purpose of my bank would be to safeguard and preserve the wealth of the customers, nothing more, nothing less.

If you wanted to purchase additional insurance that would be your deal, not my banks.