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Background Checks in Colorado Prevent People from Purchasing Guns


In the newest example of gun control, the sinister catch em up loop hole of the 'background checks' has already claimed it's first group of innocent victims. This large group of Medical Marijuana patients in Colorado are now being told they can NOT buy guns, thus effectively denying them their constitutional right to protect themselves from danger under this new draconian babylonian edict from on high. This is just the beginning. This is the first shot across the bow of gun confiscation. Remember this day in history.

This report today in an obscure newspaper in southwest Colorado linked below says it all in the wicked picture they posted. In the story, here is the clincher and the bottom line of this communist gun grabber UN bankster agenda to take all Americans rights to defend themselves. Hard copy it fast before it is gone.

"Burnett said the shop put up the sign after an ATF agent called Rocky Mountain Pawn & Gun and said “anyone who has a medical marijuana card will not pass a background check."

Now what this says, is the most susceptible of society, the physically disabled and those filled with cancers, or other debilitation diseases can no longer defend themselves from criminal attacks. This illegal action is discrimination of the highest order. This is real criminality at work here. Change!

Here is more from the story below to digest:

“Burnett said on the application to own a firearm, which is submitted to the federal government, the applicant is asked whether he or she has ever used illegal drugs, and because marijuana is illegal according to federal law, medical marijuana users must answer “yes” or commit a crime – meaning they are categorically disqualified from gun ownership.”

Make no mistake America, this is the lead in to what is going to happen. This is what is at work right now in the senate where they are passing this very legislation of using the “background checks” loop hole catch em all up in nation-wide, so they can do the same thing all across America. This is exactly what happened in Stalinist Russia and how they used excuses like this to send many millions of people to their deaths in the gulags.

Here is the clarions call and warning to ALL REAL AMERICANS on board:


Guns verboten for pot users:


Zig Hiel!!!


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It is set up

here the same way.The reason why I'm not worried and my reply below.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

In California the medical

In California the medical marijuana patient numbers are all confidential and set up in a way the feds can't look up names, there are just numbers. They call in the patient number and it bounces back the recommending doctor's contact information who can then verify if its an authentic patient number.

There is no way for the feds to figure out if you have a medical marijuana card in California.

I don't know how it is set up in Colorado though, but with their recreational legalization there isn't as much of a need to get a medical card. All this will do is discourage people with actual health concerns from going through a doctor.

It seems pretty obvious that this new round of gun control has failed in comparison to what they wanted, so now they will go after guns through a roundabout way: mental health.

Oh you were *ever* prescribed anything? you can never own a gun

Oh you see a mental health professional who diagnosis you with *anything*? you can never own a gun

Oh you smoke pot? NO GUNS FOR YOU

I follow cannabis forums and gun forums and its really odd how much the two groups both oppose the others right to freedom.

On gun forums the general consensus always seems to be anti-marijuana and no guns for anyone connected to it.

And on marijuana forums I see a bunch of anti-gun propaganda daily.

Its sad when both issues are basically the same: our freedom. Who the !@#$ is the government to say we can or cannot own certain things or consume other things. How can some people be so for liberty in one regard but so against it in another.

Knew it

I won't be agreeing to any government licensing of any activity ever again. Hey government : you can shove your licenses up your over-regulated rectum

Yeah, me neither, they can

Yeah, me neither, they can scribble little lines onto pieces of paper and call it a law all they want, if the people don't follow it, too bad. Wouldn't it be fun to tar and feather these politicians? They're obviously not afraid enough of the American people yet..It'd be fun to have boxes of tomatoes left rotting just waiting to take on a trip to the state house or Washington regularly :)

Just my 2 cents

"Though Burnett feared the federal government had amassed a database of medical marijuana users, against which the federal government would cross-check firearm applications as it putatively does felony convictions, Mark Sally, spokesman with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, said that was impossible.

Only the state has that list, he said, and like all matters between doctors and patients, it is confidential."

The above is true....one computer with the names of recepients locked down after hours and accesible by only a few authorized employees.The Feds have no list to go by(not that with all the federal nut licking out here I don't doubt they may attempt to procure that list somehow) but I suspect this article to be nothing more than fear mongering or a lack of knowledge of the MMJ laws in Co from this business owner.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

Only the blind didn't see this coming.

Yeah and that checkbox on the ATF form when you purchase? Are you a habitual drug user? If you have your MMJ card the ATF now considers you to have lied if you didn't check that box. You just got yourself a felony conviction.

And don't look now but they are gonna come for your driver's license.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most of those who think sew actually rip.


But alas they have nothing to compare their "list" to.
I'm not worried.

I'd rather die on my feet than live on my knees...

I am beginning to wonder what

I am beginning to wonder what the laws on repeating crossbows are. Like can I open carry those? And would it be illegal to tip them in poison? I would think poison tipped crossbows are alot more dangerous than guns and we arnt even discussing them!

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.