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First Robotics Competition, Live USTREAM!

Michigan FIRST Robotics Competition going on, right now!


What is a FIRST Robotics Competition? Each year, high school students create robots that compete in challenges in big arenas. Each year, the challenge is different. This year, the challenge is that the robots need to gather and throw frisbees through different sized targets to get different amounts of points. In fact, one part of the challenge (the autonomous period) the robots do it all preprogrammed - no human intervention at all. Then in the second part, humans use RC controls to move the robots around and get as many points as possible.

It is amazing stuff considering the age level of these participants.

Here is a 3 minute primer video on this year's challenge:

Here's the live feed link again:

There are two embedded viewers on the web page, for two different angles.

My nephew is on one of the teams, Team #67! They are 2-0 so far today. One more match today, around 6:50pm EST.
Match numbers today: 41, 50, 55, 71, 83, 91, 101, 108
Tomorrow AM: 126

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Periodic new matches...

FYI there are new matches about every 15 or 20 minutes

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