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TMOT exploratory for US senate Georgia




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A message TMOT - The Minister of Truth, Derrick Grayson

It seems that every day our elected representatives become more intent on expanding the size of government and legislating away our individual liberties. In fact, these are not our representatives. They are in large part career politicians, and bought and paid for "assets" of special interest groups and lobbies.

Now more than ever we need genuine voices representing the will of "we the people". We don't need more aspiring leaders and self interested politicians. We need public servants who are willing to serve, not conspiring with special interests, or pushing personal agendas.

I encourage you to continue to help and assist me in determining if a 2014 U.S. Senate run is appropriate and viable.

One way you can help is by passing the exploratory committee's website "www.graysoncommittee.com", on to your friends, family, coworkers, and even your enemies. They are suffering too. Remember, this about the individual, not the groups or other special interests who would have us serve them.

I will only go, if you send me.

In liberty,

Minister Derrick E. Grayson
Your Time, Talent and a Buck.
Together, We Can Overcome It




Paul has endorsed Broun

A number of people have come to me saying, "Paul has endorsed Broun and what are my thoughts since I supported Paul so vigorously?"

Yes, I supported Paul because I supported the cause if Freedom and did so without wavering. It was not because of party line affiliation.

Secondly, Broun is a flip flopper. Paul's endorsement will not change that FACT.

Last but not least, Paul doesn't know that I'm attempting a run.

Beyond that, know this, I'm not seeking any one man or woman's endorsement. I only need the endorsement of "We The People."

I've been literally asked to seek something further down the trough, like a local post. Others who've served longer deserve this opportunity and I'll only get in their way.

Good. They've been in mine too damned long. Move!


Visit graysoncommittee.com

Give me your Time, Talent and A Buck

That's your new Empowerment.
You Choosing, Not Them


I love me some TMOT

Wish I could vote for you myself, but since I can't do that I will help by tossing a few bucks into the hat and passing along some of your videos.



"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

I Heart TMOT!

RP (and a few others) pretty much tapped me out last year, but I gotta kick in a little something. I'll do that this evening when I'm home.


"Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it." -- Joseph Goebbels

Thank you. On another note: I

Thank you. On another note:

I was told it didn't make sense to run for US Senate since Paul Broun was running.

My response:

If I run, it will be based on the fact that the people decided THEY wanted me to and NOT based on the collusion of others on what's best for another politician.

It's time Representatives represented and politicians sat down. Anyone who has been there already and not made a significant difference in either exposing the status quo or making a BIG difference in changing the current path of this country has had their time.

It's the PEOPLE's TIME NOW. Besides, he was there when they passed this new law on private motor vehicle sales. He is NOT a friend of Liberty to have NOT spoken out against that travesty.



(No subject)



I'm happy to speak for myself.

My response to a viewer who said he or she wouldn't vote for me.:

I'd only represent Americans as individuals. Therefore, you are right in your assumption that I wouldn't do anything special for LGBTs. That goes for Negroes, Whites, Straights, Illegals, Corporate or Special Interest. Besides, the Government has no business in the bedroom. Find a organization that will unite you. Make a living will and call it a day. You don't need me to endorse your personal choices that don't affect me, to be happy. Best wishes fellow citizen.



good to see you here. met you briefly on a rainy day in philly last summer. sorry about the brain fart, i couldn't remember "TMOT", which is why you were the 'common sense you tube guy'.

"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

i would gladly support you tmot

I don't live in Georgia but I would help support you if you ran.

Homeland security statement: patriotism is now considered terrorism.
I love www.isidewith.com shared it with everyone I know. If anything they realize its not just a red and blue idiot running for reelection.

I appreciate that. Here's how you can help...

Remember, I'll only go if YOU, THE PEOPLE,
send me to REPRESENT YOU, not LEAD YOU

Volunteer, Donate, Tell Me What You Care About
Your Time, Your Talent and A Buck

You don't have to live in Ga to DONATE or VOLUNTEER.
You only have to be a US Citizen.
However, ANYONE can Spread THE WORD!




"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees

No support from me, tmot is all

No support from me, tmot is all robby wells now, wells is a Liberty Movement leach & a fake. I guess you'll have to find out yourself & not from me telling you

No support from me, tmot is

No support from me, tmot is all robby wells now, wells is a Liberty Movement leach & a fake

Absolutely agree

A den of vipers.

I don't really have an opinion...

I've always enjoyed Drive Time. But its stupid to shout down these guys, don't they have a right to be heard?

Or is this speech "un-American" "dangerous" or any of the other stupid things we've heard from the Statists when we voice our case for Liberty...

Not just no but HELL no.

TMOT was on my radio network for a while. We had to log in to google, to use the radio DJ functions. (the account was created with google link.) He didn't realize that, when logged in your searches are archived as "google search history". Neither did I. I turned it off when I found out (about 3-4 days after it was created). Well, apparently, while logged in Mr. Minister searched for some CRAAAAAAZY shit. I'll leave it at that, but MAN! I will never vote or support a crazy, satanic person like this guy. You can make your own choices, but someone that says sex-acting, instead of f#$king, and Homo-sex-shalls, instead of homosexuals or simply "gays", and advocates laws that dictate a state to exclude people from marriage should NOT be a leader in the "liberty" movement. Just my opinion.

You denounce him because of what he googled?

I know little to nothing about TMOT, but I can tell you that I google all kinds of things for different reasons. Just because I google something doesn't necessarily mean I'm for or against it.

It'd sure take more than someone's google searches to turn me against them.


I denounce him because he is a racist, and a antiliberty idiot.

And yet you go on about his google search history...

...as if it had to do with why you wouldn't vote for him.

Imagine if you had just simply stated this reason you just posted in the first place.


judging from some of your other comments Paulbotradio, you sound like a genuine liberty advocate and a reasonable person. So make your case to us, but this sounds more like stigmatism than a well thought out argument on why TMOT doesn't represent our values and goals.

To all others: Please don't just down vote things you disagree with, appeal to us all with reason and let the argument sort itself out!! All voices really should be heard and all sides of the argument deserve to be well represented so we can make up our OWN MINDS.

Don't let this site be a bully pulpit for the most forceful pov...

I would love to see what you

I would love to see what you have searched for on google...

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

Transvestite Midget Porn


Your mom


This is complete hearsay

Not all people have to like

Not all people have to like homosexuals or accept their lifestyle. I think TMOT made very good points on this subject. He is free to choose his beliefs - which are in line with a huge segment of the population - and to express them without censoring himself.

No doubt

Express what you wish, believe what you wish. Who cares how many other people believe it too, it doesn't make it any more or less valid a viewpoint.

What a crock of caca

Not all people have to like homosexuals or accept their lifestyle."
Nope but you don't have the right to advocate laws against it and still call yourself part of the liberty movement. Laws dictating who can marry who are against the tenets of the Ron Paul Revolution.
" which are in line with a huge segment of the population"
Right, I agree. A huge segment of the population believes laws against people's rights are OK. If that segment created laws according to that belief, they would be violating the Constitution, and the Declaration of independence. Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Like marriage.This is also a violation of the tenets of our revolution. Stop supporting statists, bigots and bad men.

Your argument is based on

Your argument is based on false premises and propaganda. First of all you are trying to label everyone who is not for homosexuality as a bigot, you are equating homosexual propaganda to civil rights movement. Nothing further from truth, huge numbers of blacks and hispanics and other minoritis are against homosexual marriage.

Second, you can have a civil union with all the rights you want and persue all the activities you wish. However, you are trying to use the term "marriage" instead of "civil union" in an attempt to force the concept on everyone. This is a bad form of slavery, trying to make all people conform to your beliefs and rules.