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I Stand With Rand and The USA

When I came into the rEVOLution, I did not agree with Ron Paul 100%. I agreed with Ron Paul on cannabis and peace. The rest of Ron Paul's issues, Ending the Fed, and how to do that, Pro-Life and human rights, Smaller Government and how that works, becomming a RepubliCAN, all took a wide learning curve, and getting involved with the GOP. I had joined the LP in 76, became Indy in 93, and a RepubliCAN in 2010, when Ron Paul made noises about a second presidential run. My history is part of the DP community. Like many here, I have learned a lot these past few years.

Most recently, I've been looking into Israel. Ron and Rand both say, "Israel is our friend". Those are very important words to me. I don't think the Pauls' call many folks "friends", though I am absolutley sure many are friendly, and see themselves as friends.. seems the Paul family is pretty tight, and for someone to be a, "friend", is an honor. So why would Ron and Rand give Israel this honor?

At the CA GOP Spring Convention, the last night at the banquet, Ben Shapiro was the speaker. He's a proud zionist, and what he said took me back a few times. Here's Ben: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rE0Z2k6BJI0 on Peirs Morgan before the convention.

It so happened a lovely couple joined my table. They identified themselves as Ben's in-laws. He was a rocket scientist, an Israeli who worked in America from tome to time, and she was gorgeous, and very proud to be Insrali who enjoyed America and the simularities. I did a lot of listening that night, and I came away with more questions about what are the simulariets between Israel and the USA, that these people love so much about both, also I listened to what Ben Shapiro was saying about Israel and the USA, and why we are friends.

I've come to see Israel in a very different perspective, the more I've watched videos and searched about Israel, the more I think Israel is sacred religiously and secularly.

A huge part of me has come to the comclusion that Ron and Rand Paul are correct, Israel is our friend, and capable of defending herself. Israel is a very popular place to visit, and many people from around the wporld want to live in Israel rather than be targets for those who discriminate against Jews where they live.. so there become illegal settlements, and this is a huge problem for Israel.

Israel is now building housing for Palestinians, and if you can afford to fly to Israel, they will be happy to have your help with construction. This is a global effort with the approval and oversite by the Israeli and Palestinian governments.







The more I'm reading, the more I'm thinking, "Israel is far more freer than the USA". Israel is cosmopolotian, and it seems the propeganda against Israel is because it keeps Americans out.

Israel has a people problem.. People want to live in Israel, which is why it has a border problem with illegal settlements. It assumes the responsibility for those who illegally build, and takes the bad rap for the indivuals it welcomed, who cause problems.. and there are other problems, like land deals that wind up being no good.. much the same as what we have between America and Mexico.. you can never own the land.. it's leased.

So, I am not opposed to Israel. I am not for people who have become Israeli building illegal homes in Palestine, and I am not for America giving any nation money, bombs, or jets.. and really, that's the biggest thing about Israel.. I'm not an Israeli, I'm an American and I don't like our foreign policy. We should be taking care of America first. But I also don't believe Israel is THE problem. Our problem is that we have strayed from the constitution and entangled ourselves with Israel and other governments.

This is the focus I believe we have in the GOP.. remaining friends with Israel and cutting the apron strings because we love Israel, not because we hate and fear them, and blame them for what ails America.

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U.S.S. Lituania ring a "false flag" bell?

How about 9/11? Get out of here with all that friendly BS. They use and abuse us PERIOD. FUK your propaganda, not all of us are as ignorant as you think.


I have never heard of the USS Lituania, please tell or provide link. 911: yep, agreed.

Sorry it's USS Liberty not Lituania

but here is a video of Isreals attack by a survivor.


Thanks, Granger.

I am glad you like it. I don't so much. Although I am glad most of us can agree on the fact that if the USGovt was not giving her money and weapons than there would be little to discuss.

As far a people problem, there is no shortage of land in Israel. Most of it is lovely (appealing to the eye) open space. It is, what I imagine to be, a prototype for Agenda 21. The government owns all the land, you may petition the government to begin a settlement, and with permission you can lease the property and build your community. The encroachment into the West Bank is not because of lack of space, it is a government plan to expand its territory. You can get on Google Earth an fly over to see how much open space is available.

Israel is definitely not cosmopolitan.

As far as freedom though, Israel is good and bad. There are few building codes and the food is not corporatized or controlled. But Army service is mandatory, the land is all owned and controled by the State (settlements are lease only), it is a police state, and women's rights equate to US circa 1950.