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What's you theory on why Rand Paul is getting such favorable media attention?

What's you theory on why Rand Paul is getting such favorable media attention? It's obvious that some sort of deal was made between power brokers to give him a smoother ride than Ron Paul.

In the best case I would like to believe that the RNC sees the writing on the wall because of how close we came during the 2012 cycle with Ron Paul. We missed by inches and they know we'll be back next time with enough force to start critical mass.

In the worst case I am fearful to think that Rand sold his soul when the Romney deal was made.

The middle might be that the RNC is hedging their bets to see how far Rand can go with a little favorable media and then play hardball when it matters. What's your theory?

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Ron Paul got a lot of media attention, too,

in between elections when it was "safe". If Rand becomes "unsafe" the media will blank him out.

They're building a bubble early.

Then they'll pop it. Same ol' thing.

they are building him up

to take him down. nothing new.

Rand Paul came out in favor

Rand Paul came out in favor of "comprehensive immigration reform", inside the beltway newspeak for illegal alien amnesty. That alone will make the mass media love him. He has also been willing to vote for sanctions on Iran, so that gets him the nod from neocons. And of course, once it was clear his dad was not going to get the nomination, he endorsed Romney, showing the mainstream Republicans that he was willing to play the "I scratch your back, you scratch mine" game.

In short, to the degree than Rand proves to be a disappointment to those of us who like his no-compromises father, he is more acceptable to the establishment.

I only see him treated favorably on FOX news

CNN and MSNBC and all the Sunday morning talk shows talk bad about him.

Rand has repeated demonstrated his ability to...

"rise above principle". Like Ronald Reagan, you can expect nothing from a Rand Paul presidency. Reagan was the first governor in the nation to sign a "therapeutic abortion law". While governor, Reagan extended the "waiting period" for handgun purchases. "Governor" Reagan broke "Candidate" Reagan's promise not to raise taxes, even though class registration fees for California's community colleges were $5. President Reagan's first Supreme Court appointee, Sandra Day O'Connor was arguably "pro-choice". President Reagan increased the power of the IRS and helped bailout Chrysler and Mexico. President Reagan refused to "shut down the government" after Democrats broke their word to cut spending in exchange for tax increases. After his retirement, though, already diagnosed with Alzheimer's President Reagan supported the Brady Handgun Bill and the Bush "Assault Rifle" Ban. Reagan armed the Taliban, embraced Saddam Hussein and looked the other way while George H.W. Bush smuggled cocaine into the US via Mena airport.

Just as the Scottish rebellion spawned magnificent leaders, such as William Wallace (Braveheart), the Liberty movement ("Ron Paul Revolution") will spawn magnificent leaders IF IT CLINGS TO ITS PRINCIPLES. Rand is the "poster child" for an establishment sellout' and, if too many of embrace him we will, indeed, kill this movement.

It's Political Capital From The Endorsement

He's going to cash it in over the next four years. Hannity started it.

"Bipartisan: both parties acting in concert to put both of their hands in your pocket."-Rothbard

It's not all favorable.

That's for sure. I think there is a good balance.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

We are the future

We are the life of the GOP.. the Neocons have no young blood.. we are the, "young blood", even those of us who are not young, and that makes us a MSM audience, which Rand Paul is leading because as far as politics goes, he's a freshman senator and speaks well. He's likeable and gives hope.

First they ignor you.. least we forget all that censorship
Then they Laugh at You.. "Crazy Uncle Ron"
Then they fight you.. least we forget the RNC 12
and then we win...

Not Sure

Rand has been playing a smart game so far and the media has been accomodating him. Why? I am not really sure as they know Rand is as well principled as Ron Paul, although much more measured in his comments. I am sure Rand knows exactly what he has to do to keep the media from turning on him by being careful how "far" he can go before they decide to start bashing him. It is a vipers pit and so far Rand is avoiding the venom.

Who controls the media?

Who controls the media? Answer that and you'll answer your question.

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

My guess would be the same

My guess would be the same ones who control the monetary system.

I think the Red Team sees the writing on the wall

There's a lot of pressure in the R camp to start recognizing the reality that they can only fake it pretending to care about the real issues conservative leaning Americans care about.

Rand is perfect for packaging as an ideal candidate. Why?

- He's more "acceptable" in general than his dad.

- He's pro-Constitution and Bill of Rights, and courageous about it.

- Yet is not "extreme" in any areas that might raise red flags with too many people

ie. He doesn't advocate bringing ALL our troops at once and closing the bases (just some) ... is not going TOO far toward drug legalization right now (but legalized Hemp in KY already) ... is pro-Israel enough to earn the trust of that crowd .. etc

He's popular. And they are putting him out there to get the response, and keep an eye on him that he doesn't "go as far" as his Dad did.

If they think he is -- they will try and pull the plug on him.

He uses visualization speech

He uses visualization speech techniques to paint the actual picture of what is going on. Hosni Mubarak landing his helicopters on the deck of his yacht paid for by American taxpayers. The low water toilets don't flush, that sort of thing.