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Dr. Ron Paul Spreading The Message Of Liberty To Ohio At Oberlin College

The students of Oberlin College in Oberlin Ohio were given the chance to hear Dr. Ron Paul speak when he brought his message of liberty to several locations in Ohio this past week.
I sent a S.A.S.E. to get two free tickets so that Barbara (my wife) and I could attend last Sunday, only to find out via a text message to Barbara on the way there that we were being given VIP access into this event, and we should "go around back" to get in by giving our name's to the security and meet Rich there. Who would have ever expected that? Not me.
Upon arrival we were ushered into the back door where I had a chance to talk to Dr. Paul for a few short minutes prior to the presentation. It was but about two minutes, but it was eye to eye, and much was said even in that short time. I believe Dr. Paul was rather surprised that I didn't particularly need a picture taken with him but rather wanted to mention a major concern of mine which many of us have been addressing here in Ohio with a growing grassroots movement working with several Ohio representative's and networking with many other liberty groups and organization.
I mentioned the spread of United Nations Agenda 21 and a need to address this issue to make more people aware of exactly what is going on with the NGO (non governmental organizations) and the spread of United Nations Agenda 21 at all levels of government, particularly at the local and county level.
To which Ron Paul with a somber look confirmed my understanding that those at the top are reluctant to give up their power over us and therefore we certainly may have to go through a total breakdown of the present system before we can rebuild our free republic. I believe he was referring to the globalist elite power brokers that manipulate our elected representative's through campaign funding and other nefarious activity.
I Thanked Dr. Paul for keeping the education process alive by doing what he is now doing and going to the college campus's spreading the message of liberty to the young people across our country. And I also made it a point to tell him that I was very proud of Rand for sticking to his guns and picking up the torch of liberty for all of us out here keeping up the "good" fight to maintain our liberty.
Dr. Paul and Carol both look happy and healthy with that good Texas color. It was a most pleasurable experience.
I only wish I would have managed to get the gasp and squeal of delight and amazement of one particular young lady as she rounded the corner and saw Dr. Paul standing there. At which point she ran up to him saying how much she loved him and embraced him as if he were a long lost brother as she apologized to Carol saying that she just loves Dr. Paul and could not believe she was getting to meet him. THAT was an emotional experience for her to say the least.

Here is the video I managed to get while there.
Feel free to share it everywhere.
In fact...it is expected of you.

Thank you all for keeping the drive alive.
Tumbleweed Steve

Dr. Ron Paul - Lobbies For Liberty at Oberlin College,
Oberlin Ohio 4-7-2013

A special thanks to Rich Trask for everything he has been doing here in Ohio. And to all of the people who continue to stay involved.
It all matters greatly.

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