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McCain says money not that important

I sense something not right with McCain's comments - I am thinking he did less than 5 million. The only reason you say something like that is to dispell expectations.

CAMDEN, S.C. - Republican John McCain says he's "not overjoyed" by his recent fundraising but that it's not that big a deal.


"If money mattered, I think (Nelson) Rockefeller would be president — would have been president — of the United States," the Arizona senator said in an interview with The Associated Press Wednesday.

McCain said he wouldn't talk about financial details for the just-ended third quarter.

"Honestly I have no idea. They told me they're still opening mail," McCain said. "I don't have a final number yet, but I'm pleased with them — not overjoyed but pleased with them."

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Really? Not That Important?

Why do you think he is paying Google Adsense publishers $15.80 to send a referral that makes a contribution if money doesn't matter?



McCain is insane. Don't want this guy anywhere near the button. Of course this also applies to Giggly Giuliani (oh, excuse me, my panties are soiled and my wife is on the phone) and Hellary (Josephine Stalin).