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When is the Libertarian Party going to step up?

With so many prominent people claiming to be libertarians and professing the goodness of being libertarian, where is the Libertarian Party? Where are the libertarian party ads, speaking engagements, etc.? Are they just going to let self professed libertarians define what they are?

Come on LP, get in the game!

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Great question!

LP began in 1972. I joined in 1976. By 1988, when Ron Paul was a Republican and got the LP nimination, I saw it as part of the problem with the LP, because LP kept nominating REPUBLICANS.. and when they did nominate a Libertarian, it was someone who had no chance to win, but had a great book out to read. I left the LP in 1993 and went Indy.. fought with Nader and many other Libertarians for ballot access and open debates..we failed.

During Ron Paul's presidential runs, the LP ran, Republican Bob Barr and then Republican Gary Johnson.. the question you ask is long overdue.. so long overdue, that now it seems many of us longtime LP members have quit the LP, and moved into the GOP where we are materialing the LP message, FINALLY.

IMO,the right ad could win lot of people over.

If the Libertarian party won't do it,then we can.Here is a post trying to get that point across... http://www.dailypaul.com/275394/michaelplease-consider-this-...