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Four guys in Chicago. Two abide by the gun laws. Two do not.


Clerk Fends Off Armed Robber With Baseball Bat
Surveillance cameras record Tuesday afternoon robbery

A Logan Square shop owner who'd been robbed in the past grabbed a baseball bat and fought back when a pair of men came in intent on robbing the place.

Store surveillance cameras captured the bold brawl at Quizhpe's Gifts & Sports, in the 2200 block of North Western Avenue, at about 5:30 p.m. Tuesday.

The robbers, one of them with a gun, apparently had no idea what they were in for when they walked into the shop.

"One of the guys, he said, 'Give me the money or you are dead,' and after that I was close to him and I tried to hit him with the bat, and the other guy he started shooting," said Luis Aucaquizhpi.



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You will always hear

from a government mouth piece in these situations.......your life is not worth a few dollars. Don't fight back and just hand over your property. It was probably what was in the minds of criminals facing an unarmed citizen. Funny how the two groups think the same.