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Coincidence? Ron Paul Home-School Curriculum Media Attention & Texas Stabber Headline

Texas Suspect Home-Schooled, Had Macabre Interests

Laird said Quick had been home-schooled for most of his life and that he had been enrolled at Lone Star in part so he could be around other people and “get some type of feel for what the rest of the world is like as opposed to just living at home . . . and being home-schooled by his mother.”

Full story: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2013/04/13/national/texas-s...

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I'm one of those parents from almost 3 decades ago who homeschooled her three sons. The term "home" doesn't mean "only at home".
Our sons had MORE exposure to the world and people of all ages than any government school. They were very much at home with adults, interacted with other homeschooling families, neighborhood friends and families,field trips, etc.
Our sons knew the capitol at Sacramento better than anyone at early ages. They went with us to the bill room to order copies of bills and we read and critiqued them, visited legislators' offices and spoke to them, attended hearings. They witnessed their parents' concerns for limited government and freedom.
Went to plays, concerts, museums, lumbermills,historical sites,on swim teams. Came with me on household and business errands. Were versed in all the academic subjects, and their histories.
They were perceptive,articulate, and enthusiastic.
The misconception that home schoolers were "strange" or isolated is baloney. They WERE and ARE independent minded!!
Though I had a liberal arts degree, it really isn't necessary that parents be college educated. Many home schooled children have far excelled their parents' education levels. It's all about attitude and perserverence.


Many of our American founders

Many of our American founders were homeschooled. And we can see how intelligent they were.

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Homeschooled children used to have a rep for being isolated,

but everyone I talk to about it today talks about how the Internet connects homeschoolers. There is a positive reaction to it now. Homeschooling is exploding and will soon shed the freakish reputation from the past. Those parents who defied the trend decades ago and followed their hearts WERE different from most other people, so it makes sense that their kids might be a little different too. Now things are different. Homeschooling parents tend to be wealthier (one parent can afford to stay home) and more educated (aware that schools suck) than the average parent. Just wait till the achievements of today's homeschooled kids come to light. We won't be worried about old cliches for long.

It used to be said, and still is, that home schoolers were

isolated, but I never knew any that were. My kids were home schooled in a small town that in the 1990's had 250 home schooled kids. All the home school families were in the home school co-op, so none of them were isolated. The families were middle to upper middle class and and had many parents that were college educated. All this "isolation" business came from pro-state school people who didn't know much or anything about how kids should be raised.

They are heavily slamming it on MSNBC still.

FOX is pretty good with advocating it. You're right, all the liberal yuppies able to afford having a parent stay at home are home-schooling. MSNBC and liberal journalists are going to have to stop bad mouthing it pretty quickly. I noticed in all the articles about the Paul curriculum they are sure to point out "Libertarian based principles"...like that is a bad thing.

I just thought it was odd how Dr. Paul's home-schooling made national media attention and a couple days later, this was the headline. Most of the papers are going on with what a freak he was, but now they are focusing on him being home-schooled.