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In Europe, You'd Better Watch What You Say about Supplements

Commentary by Gert Schuitemaker, PhD (Netherlands) and Andrew W. Saul (USA)

(OMNS Apr 6, 2013) The government of the Netherlands, one of 27 European Union countries, continues to clamp down on alternative medicine. The Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA, http://www.vwa.nl/english) has the tools in place to restrict communication of information about the beneficial effects of food and nutrients to promote health and effectively curb disease. And, most importantly, this bureaucracy makes all decisions as to how the rules are applied.

Netherlands law is backed up and strictly enforced by new EU rules based on very rigid codes regarding health claims for foods and dietary supplements. The power is held by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA). These regulations are now in force in every European Union country.
The Noose Tightens

When we go back in history, we see that already in 1958 the Dutch Medicine Laws defined all substances in nature as medicines, if they were in any way presented as suitable for curing or preventing a disease. So once a common beet, or vitamin C, was associated with a preventive medicinal effect, it legally became a drug. This was the start of censorship and control, and has been buttressed by subsequent European regulations. Slowly but relentlessly, since 1958, all substances in nature are being brought into the realm of medical care.

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"They hate us for our freedom", Bush warned us about them. Now do you understand who he was talking about?