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Obama Drones! Luke Rudkowski of WeAreCHANGE vs. Sting who claimed 'God sent us Obama'

Sting Asked About Obama's Drone Strikes


Published on Apr 12, 2013

At a charity event in Sting's honor, Luke Rudkowski asked Sting about this feelings on Obama's drone strikes. Sting has told reporters in the past that he believes Obama was "sent from God" to fix the world's "mess."

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** True, often times it's awkward for anyone leaving a show tuned into a different mindset to be suddenly confronted by someone on a wholly different issue than you're accustomed to dealing with.

But, post-charity event, where's the LOVE, Sting??

Well, there goes another I shall be marking under "PlayList of Aging Hipster Has-beens."

Why is this generation of 'musicians' so shallow in their geopolitical assessments, even though we live in an age with almost an infinite amount of info available to anyone, at a few mouse-clicks???

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Luke is the man

Great job Luke!

I thought Sting was agnostic?

I thought Sting was agnostic?

Southern Agrarian

Worship not Obama as your political god

Proper worship is to be directed toward those actual political gods whose surnames are...



So it's not Bueller either?

Who then is the real political god?

If God sent us Obama, it must

If God sent us Obama, it must have been to punish us for our sins.

Dear God - I am a miserable sinner, and I sincerely regret my wicked ways, and ask you for your forgiveness. Now please take Obama back.

robot999's picture

Sting is Absolutely Right!

Obama was sent by a (self proclaimed) god... Lucifer, not Jehova.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa