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Harvey Organ

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Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen:

Gold closed up $3.50 to $1564.30 (comex closing time). Silver rose by only 4 cents to $27.68 (comex closing time).

In the access market at 5 pm:

gold: 1560.90
silver: 27.66

At the comex, the open interest in silver rose to multi year highs at 166,621 contracts. The total amount of gold ounces standing for April rose to 32.27 tonnes and silver also had an increase to 2.78 million oz standing.

The big news that we reported on yesterday is that the CBC in Toronto will be airing a program on the gold (and silver ) manipulation. They are going to focus on the huge derivatives in gold where we have 100 oz of ounces of paper gold per one oz of real gold. The program will be aired on Thursday April 18.2013 at 9 pm.

The Central bank of Cyprus surprised everyone stating that they have no knowledge of any sale of Cyprus' 10 tonnes gold.

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