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Arizona Citizens With Children in Charter Schools Please Read

A friend of mine just sent me a link to sign a petition. I signed it and now I am asking you to take a look and sign it if you have kids in charter school and agree.
Thank you.

Erika Colon - Because NOBODY has the right to tell me what my child will learn. Especially a monopolized industry or Governor!

Ms. Jan Brewer and Legislature: You have no right to change my son’s curriculum. You would be taking away something that has worked for years, and replacing it with a monopoly influenced education that is EXPERIMENTAL.

My son Alex is in a Charter School. He learned to read in kinder! He has been there for 3 years. Crown Charter School has taught him SO MUCH more than any other public school child I have met. It is OUR RIGHT as parents to be able to have a choice of what we want for our children. I will not stand and allow you to change what is working for my son. This idea is very selfish, you would be taking away a curriculum that has helped my child exceed. I chose a Charter School and in particular this Charter School, because of its family values and family involvement. YOU would be hurting my child, by changing his curriculum and something that has worked for him and all the other children in these schools.

You have no right to change my son’s education! If I wanted a public school, I would have put him in one.

If you care about your children, you'll get the federal government out of the business of educating our kids. Ron Paul

Please follow this link if you would like to sign this petition. Only takes a minute. :)


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Fight these b*stards to get us out of Common Core

Superindent Huppenthal would have you believe that "it's too late" and that we are 'stuck' with Common Core. NOT TRUE! He just wants to feel important by "guiding" us with his razor sharp intellect through the Common Core morass.


Learn the truth about Common Core.



Truth is treason in an empire of lies

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Truth is treason in an empire of lies