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Police in full SWAT gear over suicidal man

This is incredible. This happened last night and ended today in my local neighborhood here.


Some guy had a gun and was barricading himself in his house threatening to kill himself I believe. So the police send out their guys in full army looking SWAT gear to protect this guy from himself.

I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!

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People who do this sort of

People who do this sort of thing are actually scared to do it. Otherwise, they would just kill themself without the hype; there are many who do. These kind of people want help mainly without actually asking for it directly.
To call a swat team on a person like this is an idiotic move unless they are directly threatening other people. A person like this needs someone to talk to, not a team of people threatening to move in and take him.

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Random Drug Testing

If there is not such a policy now then there should be for police imo. It has come to the point whereby understanding the police mentality is like understanding a womans' for a man imo. lol


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"Ok guys,"

"If he tries to kill himself, shoot him."

WTF?! Totally asinine!

Insanely higher chance of the guy being killed with this stupid-ass tactic! Or worse, an LE dude going down 1st.. even though they shouldn't be there.


What would the Founders do?


"Authorities said they are concerned the man might try to hurt himself and are hoping they can bring him outside safely."

how much taxpayer money was spent on the overnight watch from the local police. absolutely ridiculous.

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