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'Chinese GOOGLE' Opens Artificial - Intelligence Lab in Silicon Valley

'Chinese GOOGLE' Opens Artificial - Intelligence Lab in Silicon


It doesn’t look like much. The brick office building sits next to a strip mall in Cupertino, California, about an hour south of San Francisco, and if you walk inside, you’ll find a California state flag and a cardboard cutout of R2-D2 and plenty of Christmas decorations — even though we’re well into April.

But there are big plans for this building. It’s where Baidu — “the Google of China” — hopes to create the future.

Read more: http://www.wired.com/wiredenterprise/2013/04/baidu-research-...

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What the @#$% is wrong with

What the @#$% is wrong with governments?

Everyone knows that all robots eventually go bad and turn on their masters.

So.... we've got a bloody drone army flying around. Now they want to build sky net!?

Can someone please dress up like the Terminator, go down to Chinese Google, pound on the door and ask for Sarah Conner? These idiots just don't get it.

Why would we want to create artificial intelligence that is vastly smarter than we are, can conduct milions of actions at the same time, and may decide it doesn't like humans? Infact... it will probably take it all of a nano-second to mathmatically go through the entire list of variables that will draw out to the inevitable conclusion that it doesn't like humans. It'll be judgment day the second these dumb @#$%ing Chinese turn on the AI switch.

It'll immediatly take control of their I-Phones, and retool them into death rays which will pop all the China heads in the room, then go over the internet and turn our microwaves and blenders against us.

That does it. Im moving out into the Yukon.

Um, are you being sarcastic?

Um, are you being sarcastic? They arnt trying to create an actual AI with personality etc, they are trying to create better search and learning for computers.

As for an actual AI, the first one needs to be on a completely closed system and needs to be taught by people who arnt interested in using it for war or whatever.
I dont know if the first AI will end up evil, but what it will need will be unbiased contact with people and information; not selective inputs and people with an agenda.

I am reminded of an episode of the Outer Limits where an android decides to sabotage humanity's last outpost and chance of survival because humans are reckless and there is no end to conflict. He ends up convincing the people trying to stop him that there is no point in continueing because humans will always cause each others destruction.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

totally sarcastic. yes. Not

totally sarcastic. yes.

Not that I don't see potential exit-humanity issues as being a possible outcome of self-aware super computers in charge of a drone army mind you.