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Crayon-Written Paper in Florida 4th-Grader’s Backpack ‘I Am Willing to Give Up Some of My Constitutional Rights to Be Safer’

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you cant give up your rights

you cant give up your rights but, they can be taken, plus, you cant speak on behalf of other peoples rights, by all means believe what you wanna believe, but that choice is for every single individual to make, not the choice to be taken away from them

LoL, School

LoL, School

Southern Agrarian

The ignorance of the

The ignorance of the populace. You CANNOT give up your "constitutional rights" when you don't have any to begin with. You don't have constitutional rights. You have PROTECTIONS of rights. rights are natural and the constitution is there to PROTECT those rights. If I hear one more time "my constitutional rights' I'm gonna vomit..

If you disagree with me on anything you are not a real libertarian...

repeated post topic

sorry, did not see this was posted already.