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Representative Justin Amash 33rd Birthday Moneybomb

Why I'm donating $33 to Representative Justin Amash's moneybomb:

5) He's turning 33, and how else can you spend 33 FRNs nowadays to help fight for Liberty?
4) Ron Paul has spoken very favorably of Rep. Amash
3) I live in Michigan and want to see him run for Senator
2) I want other politicians to notice how Liberty activists follow through on their support of Liberty candidates
1) One day it may be President Amash


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Donate For Liberty!

Date 4/12/2013
Amount $33.00 (One Time)
Transaction ID c5cd5a712401490696980ad321f25f82
Organization Justin Amash for Congress
Org. Website http://www.amashforcongress.com
Payment Page 2013 Birthday Moneybomb

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