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VIDEO: USS Cole commander Kirk Lippold stands with Rand on foreign policy, not John McCain (Fox News 4/12/13)

from the 4/12/13 edition of Fox & Friends


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...and OOPS!

North Korea passed up Iran as a bigger nuclear threat while saber-rattling Islamophobic Republicans were bashing Ron Paul's foreign policy positions in his last two Presidential runs...oops...

It's not the RADICAL Muslims, it's North Korea...wait...no...it's the RADICAL Christians here at home who take the Bible literally, believe in a young Earth, and hold to some ideal with respect to the hypocritical and reckless actions of their professing Christian representatives(like Obama) that Christ is higher than Caesar ought to be held as a standard of rebellion when tyranny unmasks itself as wholly corrupt, immoral, and harmful to it's FREE citizenry...

Never Mind, how did Tiger Woods play in his 2nd Round at The Masters today....now we're talkin'!!!

Last I Knew...

Alqueda was created by the CIA. Didn't Kennedy warn us that the CIA was dangerous and that he intended to end them? Too bad he didn't get a chance to expand on that a little more.

Too much Alqueda talk in that interview. I haven't read the book in question, but would presume that it strengthens the notion that Alqueda is the all powerful enemy in this never ending global war. Alqueda were used for scapegoats on 911. Alqueda entered Syria and in conjunction with takeover of the media sattelites, brought the "war on terror" there.

Anyways, nothing has changed with FOX. Trust me, FOX won't be delivering truth and justice anytime in this century. What is likely is that the powers that be are aware of the swings in public opinion. Fox is only used to try and orchestrate it all. Right now is far from any major changes in the white house, so FOX will pander some to gain credibility before ultimately issuing a most deceptive stab in the back to the American people yet again.

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Awesome interview.

Thank you!


I like this guy.

He gets it. Maybe future Secretary of Defense under a Rand Paul administration?

you mean Secretary of WAR...

they changed it to the Orwellian name "defense" later....it was initially called the War Department....(Thank You lecture from Tom Woods' Liberty Classroom!)

Secretary of War

seems much more fitting...

I am afraid attention for Rand will subside

Attacks from the left are taking a toll. Having to be on the wrong side of PC relative to the gun and abortion issues is bad timing.

When people like Rachel Maddow

attack Rand that's generally a good thing, it improves his stature in the eyes of many conservatives and probably means he's doing something right. What the conservative base thinks of Rand is important, not a small number of leftist MSNBC watchers.

he is very much on the right

he is very much on the right side of the gun debate. Only the Tyrants and sheep disagree.

on abortion, im personally still torn, between freedom of choice and freedom of life. either way someones freedom is infringed...the mothers or the baby's.