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TSA actually causes an increase in deaths of Americans

(NaturalNews) Despite the clever guise of what it purports are efforts necessary to ensure our safety from future terrorist attacks, it seems the one thing the Transportation Security Administration actually does effectively is to send Americans to their death. Especially during the holidays, more and more would-be air passengers seeking to skip the hassle of security checks at airports are instead choosing the more statistically dangerous option of driving to their destinations.

Researchers at Cornell University suggest that this trend of switching means of travel from air to road was indirectly responsible for an increase of 242 driving fatalities per month in the aftermath of 9/11.


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Hmmm...I'm thinking I've

Hmmm...I'm thinking I've heard this sort of argument before.

Oh, yeah it's not people who shoot people; it's guns.

It's not cars that kill people, it's the TSA.

It's not bad drivers who kill people, it's cars.

Accept this flim-flam logic and you'd better just anyone else. Henry Ford is the evil genius who has killed more people than Hitler because he put killing machines into the hands of senseless humans who have used his evil contraption to kill millions.

except that we're choosing to do something we wouldn't

otherwise do. Literally just the TSA is the reason I choose to drive long distances instead of fly. I don't want to take the 100% chance of being violated at the airport, so I choose the more dangerous drive. It's not the TSA killing us, it's the TSA removing our safer form of travel.

Ya know, is there anything

Ya know, is there anything good that has happened because of the TSA? A single good thing? I dont think I can think of one...
Forget about arguements for security, what good has the TSA done period?
I sat here thinking for a moment and I cant figure out a single good thing that has happened because of the TSA. Even though it isnt often, even the military has done a couple good things.
Beyond giving some(and its debatable whether its even a majority) people a feel good "secure" feeling, I cant think of a single reason for the TSA.
Upon thinking on this, I think I would have to rate the TSA as the worst waste of resources in the entire US government.

To climb the mountain, you must believe you can.

The "good" thing about the

The "good" thing about the TSA -- it created a whole new class of marginally competent federal workers. That's why the Democrats will never get rid of this Bush administration created monster.

It's easier to identify and avoid the perverts

when they're concentrated in one location and wearing uniforms.