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She Googled Ron Paul...

...and it changed her life.


Editor’s note: Yahoo News asked young libertarian-minded voters to share why they’re drawn to the either the Libertarian Party or to libertarian political principles in general. Here’s one first-person account we received this week.

From Astrophysics to Politics and a Change in Philosophy, by Ani DeGroot

FIRST PERSON | Any Iowan will tell you, it's difficult to live in the Hawkeye State and not be politically involved. Walking into coffee shops, riding the city bus, eating lunch on campus, shopping at the store—you hear the political conversations buzzing constantly, even years out from caucus night.

However, my political interest only flared in the classroom, on the debate team, and to satisfy my enjoyment of arguing with friends; candidates and party politics intrigued me very little. In high school, I flew the Republican flag, but I never could quite ignore the doubt in the back of my mind that my logic was faulty.

When I was admitted to the University of Iowa on a pre-med course with the future goal of applying to NASA, I had no intention of furthering my political understanding. Being a "red" player would only matter to me on Election Day and that would be that.


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how did you get here? "i

how did you get here?

"i googled ron paul"

so true

True that

I googled Ron Paul and it changed my life

Great Story

My own personal journey to liberty, written in December 2011:



she's Pretty!!;)

"We’ve moved beyond the Mises textbook. We’re running in the open market." - Erik Voorhees


What was this all about "where are all the women in the liberty movement"?

There might not be that many. But the ones we do get make up for it in quality!